Blood, soil and mavericks.

Walking with Kate last Sunday on a rare warm and sunny day of late and we’re walking around Lulworth Cove, we see many butterflies including the nationally rare but now locally common Lulworth skipper:


Across the valley we see some houses, one of which I briefly went to for some lessons in water colour painting. Kate asks why I don’t take it up again as she thinks I’m good at painting. I say that the urge, the will or whatever is not within me, even when I get positive feedback such as from Kate. And now, listening to Sam Harris talking with David Brooks about becoming a better person:   I think back to my discussion with Kate. What is it that motivates us to do stuff?

I worked as a teacher for many years, motivated by the monthly pay and the need to support family and also in the belief that I was doing some good. And yet I often railed against ‘the system’ (actually there are many systems in education, many poorly understood and certainly poorly practiced especially by those higher up the systems). I’d get wound up by governmental diktat, senior managerial diktat, and the declining size of kitkats. I found myself doing so much that was not improving either my teaching or wasn’t actually for the benefit of the students. So why didn’t I try and move up the managerial system and maybe try and change things from a position of relative power?

I made a couple of half-hearted attempts at promotion but it must have been obvious to others I wasn’t playing the game and they knew I’d be a gritty twat in their unctuous milieu. Although I have to write that I did once make a serious attempt and even bought a new suit and tie, didn’t suit me.

What I did do was hold on to my principles as much as possible and apply them within the little domain that was my classroom. Apparently the then head told someone who was coming into my classroom as an assistant that I was a ‘maverick but I got results’.  Being the perceptive managers they were they never bothered to think about, let alone analyse, why I ‘got results’.

So, as drumf and brexit spread their toxins I briefly think about a term the racist twats use: blood and soil. It comes from the nazis “blut and boden” and refers to ethnicity based on bloodlines and territory. So those who espouse this distorted bollocks should really apply it and fuck off back to the primeval swamp from whence we came. Might also explain their warped mindsets as their blood has been poisoned by stuff in the soil.

And now, what’s that coming over the hill bearing his soiled old etonian blood, it’s a rees-mogg, and a prime example of how a quota system vis a vis rebalancing our society with 7% of ‘top jobs’ going to the privately educated would have prevented such a bigoted twerp come within baying distance of the premiership. A maverick masquerader indeed who no supporter of the nanny state owes much to his own childhood nanny.

Oh what a good job the tts have done eh? They and their media mates have poisoned our soil even more and already have blood on their grubby little hands.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.



Spiralising bollocks and an anniversary.

The other night I cooked one of my ‘standards’, prawn risotto; full of carbs, fat from butter and parmigiano, salt in the fish stock and as ever it was quite delicious. I also fried up some courgettes with onion, garlic and celery which Kate likes. It was all very tasty, even sprinkled some nori on it to try and boost the flagging thyroid. But apparently this is all a long way from the ‘clean’ eating fad/cult. And I hadn’t spiralised the courgettes, instead used my trusty cook’s knife, and, as we all now know if it ain’t spiralised it ain’t clean. And their use of clean which has the obvious corollary that all other eating is dirty. Dirty eaters of the world unite.

So this ‘clean’ eating lark is yet another scam marketed upon susceptible folk using some pseudo science and the almost religious belief system engendered by the cultish food faddists. And as with most cults after the initial euphoria some reality begins to intrude and the followers look to another messiah. What naughty boys and girls these messiahs are. In the meantime some physical, physiological and mental harm may be perpetrated.

In our dysfunctional spiralised world I think the way we deal with abuse is in itself abusive. I’m thinking of pretty much all types of abuse and I suppose it’s often down to the law of unintended consequences alongside partial and biased reportage, our limited cognitive abilities and viewing things through the distorting prism of our various belief systems. I like to think of myself as a reasonably well informed individual of average (whatever that is) intelligence and I’ve been quite unaware of what might be dubbed an epidemic of organised abuse of vulnerable white girls by predominantly gangs of Pakistani men.

Whilst there was a fair amount of reporting of what happened (and hopefully it still isn’t happening) in Rotherham there wasn’t an outpouring of stuff, analysis and the like in the media. It seems that, whilst front line professionals raised various alarms their concerns were not given the credence they should have been and managers managed to keep a lid on things under the pretext of anti-racism stuff.

Of course there is and should be anti-racism law but in this case it appears to have superseded child abuse and other law breaking activity. Whilst one can sort of understand the reasoning behind it, it is blinkered thinking and management and there should be a reckoning and a re-configuring.

And it continues as I listened to the toady show the other morning and the interview with a female Labour MP, Ms Champion and a male police officer about the conviction of the Newcastle gang. And it revealed all sorts: the police officer said they were dealing with a wide range of people of different ethnicities perpetrating such abuse and he listed them adding Pakistani at the end. He did not say once that there are Pakistani male gangs. Ms Champion did and said that she would get abuse from all sides for saying so. In the Newcastle case 18 people have been found guilty; 17 Pakistani men and one white woman. As Ms Champion says there needs to be full and open analysis with people simply focusing on stopping and preventing wrongdoing.

It’s our 11th wedding anniversary today, 11 years ago we were in the woods at Wilkswood having our magical wedding. Steel is the thing for an 11th anniversary, and we independently got each other a steel bookmark! Mine was an industrial slice of steel, Kate’s a much smaller and daintier affair.

And beware the bollock snatching seagulls.

K&D Wedding1 211

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Let’s have quotas to redress mediocrity.

So I’m lying abed drinking my coffee and, as ever, my feverish brain is thinking all sorts of thoughts. Get out of bed and do some work you lazy bastard, then you wouldn’t have time to think and I could be just another drone servicing the kleptos, oh, I already do that so may as well stay in bed and write some more bollocks.

And maybe coffee, the proper stuff not the neutered muck, has been a significant driver in cultural, sociological and economic change. In the olden days folk would wake and have some ale or wine then tea and coffee were discovered by western white folk and over time replaced the alcoholic morning pick me up. So a mass change in druggy behaviour happened and this shift in human pharmacology helped shape our modern world. Perhaps it contributed to our current exponential increase in human population which is the single biggest danger to our future well being and the least discussed.

And thinking of numbers came across a very interesting article, well interesting to me because it fed my confirmation bias, by one Ellie Mae O’Hagan:

She begins by outlining the parlous state of our current establishment i.e. those in positions of power and influence; and we have increasingly ample evidence of this as the increasingly dysfunctional tory twats create an ever larger dog’s breakfast of brexit as well as the rapid overall decline in civic life. A theory to explain this is with what sociologists call ‘elite self-reproduction’ : the practice of privileged individuals ensuring that privilege is passed on to their children using social infrastructure.

And much of this is brought about through the rich sending their progeny to private school, and any regular reader of this sad little blog knows what I think of private education. Anyway, Ms O’Hagan suggests a quota system for all of our institutions, 7% of children go to private school so they get 7% of the ‘elite’ jobs. Much like what I have previously written about university places, particularly our ‘elite’ universities. Now this is all only fair and as Ms O’Hagan argues and I have long argued this will have great benefits for all of us and we’d have, for example, a much more intelligent and socially aware cornflake in charge of our foreign office. boris de pfeffel russian mole twatface johnson is the archetypal example of this process.

Or of course we could simply get rid of private schools.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

What’s your fucking soma?

As some may have gathered I have an opinion or two and I can get a little worked up now and then. And from this twee sentence much can be extrapolated to demonstrate and perhaps explain why this country is so fucked up. I am of a type that brings self deprecation to an art form, we do it so often, without thinking and so bleedin’ demurely. And it is such bad form to maybe make the occasional observation that perhaps some people might be behaving a tad shadily.

Of course the old class system plays it’s insidious part and is incorporated within the corrupt system. The latest hybrid of capitalism gives a structure which the powerful and the privileged use to their advantage. And so we move on from feudalism through to modern financial slavery. The evidence is all around: british gas raise electricity prices by 12.5%, water company cartels, leasehold rip offs, ceo pay; this country is a world leader in running tax havens in which up to 32 trillion pounds, that’s £32 000 000 000 000, of effectively stolen loot is kept. And every few years the dupes of this benighted country vote for people who maintain and develop all this.

Camp Bestival also captured much of this bollocks; it’s now a massive tented shopping emporium with a bit of music tacked on, people stuffing their gullets with such a wondrous choice of foods and drinks, want to find out what’s on, oh that will be £10 for a programme, what the fuck! but you get a bag with it, a ‘bag for life’ says some wag next to me, fuck off the both of you. And what choice of ‘real ales’ amongst all this cornucopia of choice? One, just one. My soma of choice limited to one, and certainly no cannabis for sale amongst the corporatised outlets. Kate wants to be at the front of the main stage early so that she can gaze upon her somatic hero Suggs and on reflection a really good move as we stay for hours ensconced at the barrier a few feet from the stage and just experience what the whole thing is supposed to be about and we have a great time with just the music, and when the little folk try to push their way in front of us just before Madness come on? No way.

What keeps so many of us in such a soporific state that we allow this bollocks to continue?

Last time any of us got really worked up was with the poll tax and it was changed. Maybe a little lesson there.

Brave New World Quote A Doctor's Opinion Pills Vs. Holistic • The Strange Is Beautiful

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Madness, Madness they call it Madness.

Just watched the last episode of the Handmaid’s Tale, televisual brilliance augmented at the riveting finale by Nina Simone and Tom Petty in pretty swift succession. It was harrowing, horrorful and very occasionally hopeful. In that currently overused word, prescient, with the fucking nutter in the White House and religious nutjobs everywhere. The scene where they refuse to stone their fellow handmaiden oh so powerful and simply demonstrating how we can prevail when we do stuff together.

Don’t pay back your student loan to the student loans company who are increasing interest rates, don’t pay the kleptonic fuckers who demand your lease monies, don’t pay the outrageous £10 they charge just to try and get an ‘official’ programme at Camp Bestival. If everyone did this together we ‘d soon get the kleptos on the run.

Despite not having a programme Kate and I had a brilliant time at Camp Bestival in the rain. Kate so happy gazing at her hero Suggs:


Keep on keeping on one step beyond, love Duncan.

What have we lost?

I continue to ponder this leasehold scam and move on to thinking that shit like this reflects the current state of our common humanity, and it ain’t good. I’m not so naive as to think that there was a golden period in human history when we all behaved with compassion towards our fellows. And yet I believe we have lived, and are living through, a period when the dominance of a certain strain of economics has corrupted our very souls.

I read Tony Judt, not for confirmation bias but better understanding, and a paragraph stands out:

“What precisely is it that we find abhorrent in financial capitalism, or “commercial society” as the eighteenth century had it? What do we find instinctively amiss in our present arrangements and what can we do about them? What do we find unfair? What is it that offends our sense of propriety when faced with unrestrained lobbying by the wealthy at the expense of everyone else? What have we lost?”

When I think about the leasehold scam I wonder at those that are able to behave in such a way towards their fellow beings. What have they lost? Let’s put them in a people’s court of common humanity and simply let them see, hear and feel what their behaviour has caused and give them the opportunity to reflect fully. Perhaps there may be some vestiges of common humanity that have been hidden for so long. I remain hopeful.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Groaning and fleeceholding.

Sat in Green Clinic at Poole Hospital for my 3 monthly check up, a little anxious as ever, when a couple arrive and sit near me. He seems to be the patient as he looks quite ill, but he might look the way he does as he moans a lot about stuff to his wife (I presume she’s his wife). He then turns to me and goes on about having to wait 2 hours at his last visit, I shrug and say that sometimes happens. He continues to moan on about stuff as a nurse comes into the waiting area and calls out a name, no one moves. She repeats the name, still no one moves and she leaves. I interrupt the moaning one, or try to as it takes 3 attempts to get his attention, a woman behind us giggles. Are you so and so I ask, repeating the nurses call out. He looks at me with some perturbation. I repeat the name the nurse has called and he says that’s me. Well I say they’ve just called for you, for me he asks, yes you I say. He stands and approaches a nurse and suggests to her that I have suggested his name has been called, she checks and confirms that he has been called.

I think I’ve discovered why he has such long waits in Green Clinic.

I see a locum consultant, she gives me the most thorough check, especially with the camera down my nose into my gullet. As I’m gagging she’s asking me to move my tongue about, make various noises and blow my cheeks out, all quite hard to do whilst gagging. But she says it all looks good. Confirms that my borderline hypothyroidism is probably caused by the radiotherapy. She also confirms that my tight, and often painful, neck muscles will be permanent. They also sometimes ‘lock’ my jaw as they really tighten, this too will be ongoing. Still, I continue to be crabby free.

And thinking of food do we want Europeanisation or mcdonaldisation of our food? These are very general terms to describe our relationship with food in that the first involves better regulation of a food supply that is more sure of it’s provenance. It is less adulterated by stuff such as chlorine, hormones, dodgy additives, and the like. The second will be brought about by the fucking fox and his craven trade deals with drumf and co.

And yet, as with all things commercial, as a society we have to be ever vigilant with the forces of capitalistic exploitation. Listening yesterday to the outrageous scams being perpetrated by the kleptos with their ‘fleecehold’ deals done to new build house buyers. I like many of my fellow folk thought that when you buy a house you also buy the freehold of the land on which it stands. No longer as the kleptonic ones have conjured up yet another financial scam with offshored companies buying up mass freeholds from house builders soon after people have bought the houses, then thieving outrageous sums of money from poor folk simply by having this freehold. They even charge £50 plus to let leaseholders know how many thousands of pounds they intend to steal from folk to buy their tawdry freeholds. It really is time to introduce a land tax and take back their ill gotten loot and land. I was also shocked to hear that the last inept prime minister has kleptonic interests in one such offshore company.

Thinking of kleptos, the unctuous company director was having negative thoughts about his business empire, driving back from the hospital thinking he’d yet again wasted money on trying to get into the tattoo market. And then, only a short while later whilst having coffee with Hector, a phone call from a tattooist wanting to do a deal and saying that she uses the unction for lots of other skin related things and thinks it brilliant. All the unction company lacks is any promotion, marketing, brand placement and decent management.

B. Kliban 19 Thanks Mr Kliban.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.