One of the most powerful cognitive tools is reframing; in therapy it’s a way of trying to look at something differently with the aim of altering perception and understanding of that something. I remember when I was training others trying to get across how good this was in helping to cope with and understand challenging behaviours. Even with extreme cases, such as drumf; trying to reframe the orange baboon as being this very sad child trying to please his distant dad might cause a change in his demented behaviour. Imagine everyone simply saying “poor donald, we understand” how soon he’d not be able to take it and then take himself off for treatment (more likely be taken off by others).

Reframing the kleptos, tts and others propaganda making us all fearful; fearful of the ‘other’, fearful of our economic wellbeing and our economic future, fearful of all the hazards and dangers in the world could be very powerful. In modern times too many of us are cowed into thinking and behaving in the ways they want us to and that this is the only and ‘natural’ way of being. It is not the only and natural way, this inhumane imposition of a singular economic model that enslaves the vast majority to enrich a few fuckers. Money is an entirely abstract human construct and with a bit of reframing can, if we’re going to persist with it, be used and shared in fairer and more just ways. We don’t have to keep the current model with these financial snake oil salesmen (they are almost entirely men).

It’s time to use social media in a far more constructive way than it’s currently fast evolving into, corralling us all into our fearful little bubbles. Let’s pop these flimsy bubbles and allow new perceptions to reframe our world. Are you really happy with drumf, the wrexit bollocks, the ever widening gulf of inequality, impending global warming catastrophe, plastic pollution, mass species extinction………………..?

And we don’t need a bleedin’ messiah, just try and reframe things and check out what’s possible.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Oh those marginal groups.

I think mr hammond, spread shit phil, is actually quite right it has been the “far higher levels of participation by marginal groups” that has caused our sluggish productivity and it’s been happening for a long time. Of course the marginal groups are the ‘upper’ echelons of our class ridden society, the kleptos and their privately educated offspring, the tory party and the ceos who pay themselves obscene amounts and sit on vast amounts of money rather than paying the workers properly and investing in more productive stuff.

Priceless comments from a Northern Irish businessman explaining why wrexit will be fine when he said that Romanian workers had upset the natural ‘ecology’ of our indigenous workforce with their higher work ethic (they work harder). I won’t bother deconstructing this crap except to reinforce that in any business, organization or corporation it is management that is primarily responsible for such things as productivity and the like so we can add senior management to the marginal groups.

And vice chancellors it seems, especially those in Bath. My daughter Grace is in her second year at Bath Spa (she just got graded a first for her latest assignment, something I never achieved, well done Grace) and she will have a very large debt when she graduates. But the she could aspire to be the vice chancellor of Bath Spa and get a final year payout of over £800,000 which Christina Slade trousered last year. The marginal ones then use weasel terms like ‘compensation for loss of office’, and ‘considered value for money’ when they loot in one year more than a lecturer earns in 30 years or the many others who are vital to any organisation such as cleaners, kitchen staff, admin staff, support workers et al who won’t earn that amount in a lifetime’s graft. Now might not shit like this cause a modicum of resentment amongst the workforce (and probably the students) and might not this impact productivity?

I’m available for minimal remuneration to sit on any remuneration committee.

And so the cycle of mismanagement continues.

There’s a new boss and ‘senior management team’ at Purbeck View School and as is the way of any new regime they unctuously spread warm words about how they are the ‘chosen ones’ and will lead to the sunny uplands. Met someone in the Co-Op recently who has worked at the school for a while now and they were asked to go to an assembly to receive a long term service award (it was in their ‘own time’). They didn’t receive it, the new boss forgot. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, we all get fooled again. Good staff motivation eh? Oh how these marginal groups cause sluggish productivity.

UtKLt Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Borrowing from John Crace the so called conservative party, the tories, the tory twats or tts as I name them, really are a clusterfuck. Since 2010 they have managed a country that is an ever increasing disgrace to live in. In 1945 after the second world war Attlee and his Labour government introduced the welfare state, a national health system, educational reforms and more to create a more just, fairer society. Since the late 1970’s things have shifted and the kleptos, through the managerial class in the tory party, have created a country that is more unequal than in recorded human history and fostered an unfeeling belief system that has underpinned a massive assault on the welfare state. Farewell welfare.

The likes of my absolutely appalling namesake; idiotic dunderhead shit, create crap like ‘universal credit’ which is portrayed as taxpayer’s largesse for the undeserving skivers, whilst the villified EU tries to actually do something about the tax evading kleptos stashing their loot in ‘tax havens’ so many of which are British run.

And the absolute clusterfuck of wrexit that has been brought about through tt incompetence and is daily compounded by further shambolic clusterfuckery. Our benighted realm is being dragged down and their clusterfuckedness leads to:

The Social Mobility Commission , including tory members, have resigned en masse because they cannot envisage the current clusterfucks doing anything to to actually make life better for so many of the people they are supposed to represent.

Instead we have clusterfucks in chief like ids, gove, bunter and rees mogg leading the wrexit charge. Oh the tts will continue with their weasel ways droning on about how brilliant they are as economic managers and creating record numbers of jobs but the reality makes me wonder how they are able to live with themselves. In a sane and just society it’s not the poor constituent of Frank Field who should be contemplating suicide but rather others who should be properly accountable.

Currently amidst the spending madness that is christmas it is oh so stark to read and hear about the ever increasing numbers who are being cast aside by the clusterfucks. The creator of modern christmas, Dickens, has already summed it up. Kate is giving £26.08 to crisis at christmas, so will I.

But what we can all do to make for a more just society is to vote the clusterfucks out.

Happy fucking christmas.


Keeep on keeping on, love Duncan.

PS can’t believe the private rail companies have raised their fares again!



End of an era.

Having listened and read an obsessively large amount about drumf and lately as to whether he should still be afforded a visit to our shores I am now of the opinion that he should come. And wherever he goes he should get constant volleys of 21 bum salutes. Imagine endless groups of 21 people bending over and baring their asses and farting in his general direction. A most fitting celebration of his visit.

And here in sleepy Swanage an end of an era fast approaches as my very good friend Mike is finally hanging up his gown and mortarboard and packing away his chalk. He started teaching before me in London town, was the first teacher appointed to work at Purbeck View School and even more than me has worked through all the educational upheavals imposed by a long list of education ministers.

Like me he fondly remembers the heady days of the Inner London Education Authority and has hung on to the very valid ideals of ‘child centred education’ and the humanity of teaching. One of the many things I admire about him is his eternal optimism and thinking the best of others, even Gooners. I won’t spoil this little eulogy by segueing into an update into the continued managerial bollocks, that’s for another blog, but I will throw in “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” and he won’t get fooled again.

Here’s one for you Mike:


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


Been selling the unction from my little pop-up shop in a beach hut on Swanage sea front and it’s bleedin’ freezing. Anyways, what crossed my thoughts today was with regard to social interaction, or more specifically people’s lack of social awareness/skills with regard to social interaction. Twice whilst talking to a fellow artisanal seller other folk just walked up to the other fellow and started talking even though I was in the middle of saying something. Whilst I am acutely aware that I can be a boring bastard I never, or hope I never, just walk up to someone who is obviously in conversation with others and say whatever bollocks I wish to say.

Thinking about it now there is very clearly an educational opportunity here and I’m wondering what would be the best approach to make these ignorant people aware of the social faux pas they are perpetrating. The affronted, bolshie me wants to simply point out to the intrusive one that I was actually in the middle of saying something and possibly make them feel pain at their intrusiveness. This could obviously lead to an awkward moment, possibly confrontation, as it is likely that someone socially unaware is likely to react quickly and negatively to situations they’re not used to. Even so, handled skillfully by an educateur, the socially lacking one might be helped to improve.

One could politely, but firmly, say to the social intruder “sorry, but I’m in the middle of finishing my mildly amusing anecdote and I’ll just finish it whilst you hold that thought”. Or one could move to the intruder, proffer a handshake and introduce oneself in the hope that the other person develops some initial, dim awareness that perhaps they are not the whole centre of their universe. Or one could turn around and fart loudly at them.

Perhaps this might be an approach with drumf, trump at trump.

So, foetuses are now being scanned in their final trimester with a new scanner that fairly accurately measures their intelligence so that nurseries can place them in ability groups even before they start at nursery. This will save so much time for early years teachers as they can start the process of stifling the life chances of the less fortunate earlier and more efficiently whilst boosting the already privileged even more.

This will happen:

drumf is fake news. His woeful apologist, sarah sanders, said he retweeted the anti-Muslim videos to ‘elevate the conversation’, something he’s never done before, using such a phrase with regard to drumf is a great example of a non sequiter.


Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Unctuousness everywhere.

Good weekend selling the unction and one of the heartening things for me was the number of people who said they like the name. Some marketing experts had initial doubts about the name but despite their advice I continued with the name and feel somewhat vindicated. Although, of course, those punters who think it a stupid name are hardly likely to tell me so and I continue to live in my self-confirming bubble.

And how much longer might a blog like this be allowed as dark forces loom for the internet?

So our plucky quiz team performed admirably at the Labour Party quiz at the weekend and would have done better if some twat hadn’t overruled Kate’s answer to a question. During the evening I spoke with Tim about the cricket in Brisbane and he was wondering why Brisbane wasn’t a popular place to visit. I disagreed as did Lonely Planet who voted it Australia’s ‘hippest city’ in 2014. But then there isn’t much competition as there are only 5 cities with a population above a million in Australia. I did though talk about the rather unpleasant nature of politics in Queensland, it’s long history of racism and about it’s long serving leader joh bjelke-peterson. He was a very right wing politician who was eventually ousted as the levels of corruption were revealed. He was pretty racist and certainly homophobic. The homophobia of Queensland politicians lives on:

And a disappointing start to the Ashes for Englandshire but there’s the rugby league world cup final next weekend against the Aussies and the union boys beat them last weekend. And well done Scotland, absolutely stuffing the Aussies on Saturday, a little wager at 14 to 1 for the 6 Nations might be in order.

Thinking of which, betting lesson number 2:

England are typically at 20 to 1 for next year’s soccer world cup, so a bet of £100 will give you a return of £0.

And writing of bullying Faiza Shaheen was bullied by 3 men on Newsnight in a recent budget discussion, especially by the unctuous frazer nelson, the torygraph stooge:

And the tt delusion continues, especially like their bullshit narrative that inequality is reducing hahahahahahahahahah. Bollocks.

Anyway, despite the rain must away to the beach hut to set up shop.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

Bureaucratic Bollocks.

Just re-read the article I mentioned in yesterday’s blog:

and it so beautifully captures and describes what I thought and increasingly knew about the cult of management and it’s bureaucratic bollocks in particular. I was struck by how the managerialism that has evolved over the last century or so combines the ‘new-age language of psychic liberation’ underpinned by ‘the threats of an authoritarian corporation’. So anyone who dares question the bollocks is sidelined or ‘liberated’ from their jobs. Just like a cult.

Now it’s easy to simply snipe and some might have grown weary of my sniping at what I eventually came to just call BB (bureaucratic bollocks) but I rarely did it unthinkingly and without it not passing my simple test: when presented with something by management I simply asked myself how does this improve our teaching for/with the students.

Surprisingly very little BB passed the test and I and other frontline education staff suffered from a ridiculous amount of stupid bureaucracy.  And we aren’t alone:

“One of the corrosive effects of business bullshit can be seen in the statistic that 43% of all teachers in England are considering quitting in the next five years. The most frequently cited reasons are increasingly heavy workloads caused by excessive administration, and a lack of time and space to devote to educating students.”

And it’s a similar story in other professions and in both public and private organisations.

The final paragraphs of the essay capture what I in my sad little way tried to do at schools I taught in and represents a call to arms:

“But this does not need to be the case. Business bullshit can and should be challenged. This is a task each of us can take up by refusing to use empty management-speak. We can stop ourselves from being one more conduit in its circulation. Instead of just rolling our eyes and checking our emails, we should demand something more meaningful.

Clearly, our own individual efforts are not enough. Putting management-speak in its place is going to require a collective effort. What we need is an anti-bullshit movement. It would be made up of people from all walks of life who are dedicated to rooting out empty language. It would question management twaddle in government, in popular culture, in the private sector, in education and in our private lives.

The aim would not just be bullshit-spotting. It would also be a way of reminding people that each of our institutions has its own language and rich set of traditions which are being undermined by the spread of the empty management-speak. It would try to remind people of the power which speech and ideas can have when they are not suffocated with bullshit. By cleaning out the bullshit, it might become possible to have much better functioning organisations and institutions and richer and fulfilling lives.”

Aux armes citoyens!


Keep on moving forward, love Duncan.