At the chemo bar.

Duncancer blog 01.10.14

Sat in cancer unit having first chemotherapy. Have just read article in paper about ultra-orthodox Jews, or haredim, who will not sit next to women on El Al flights and causing problems on the planes. Perhaps everyone else could wear t-shirts or badges requesting that they do not want to sit next to any haredin. While some might construe this as anti-Semitic, I view it as a rational response to bad behaviour.
Have been given programme of treatment and looks like it will be over in January then will get idea of whether it’s worked. Didn’t realise that I’d be having daily radiotherapy for over 6 weeks, weekends off. It will be a newish radiotherapy that is more concentrated and focused, hopefully being more effective and less damaging to other parts of body.
Whenever I’m asked about any allergies have so far only said Nigel Farage, when that gets no more laughs will say Boris de Pfeffel Twatface Johnson.
As with every other aspect of treatment staff are great and even had some reflexology and given some aromatherapy stuff. My uncle Barry has been insisting I get a second opinion from other cancer experts in the country. I am very appreciative of his concern and wanting to help but I think it highlights the differences between American and British approaches to health services and medical services in particular. So far I have gained the distinct impression that the treatment I am and will be getting is good, if not, excellent even though I have very limited knowledge and understanding. It also makes me feel that I might be somehow ungrateful, probably a very English attitude, for what I am getting. Have spoken to a few staff about second opinions and none have said not a good idea, but all have said how this is one of the leading cancer centres, and particularly for my type.
Now here’s a thing, my type of cancer. Learnt exactly what it is yesterday: human papillomavirus (HPV) oropharynx cancer,  one person passing their HPV via some form of sexual contact with another. normally there is no infection and even fewer develop cancer. So I have an STD and Mr Douglas wasn’t so far from a truth!
Just did grammar and spell check; asked whether to delete Farage just once, if only?
It’s now been a long day, I’ve been having stuff pumped into me for almost 7 hours, so far no ill effects just a little tired and unsettled by a call from the police, but that’s for another day. Did distress me a little and thought well I can have a glass of wine later, but sadly I can’t.
Adieu and keep on keeping on.


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