Night time ramblings and daytime reflection.

It’s 04.14 in the morning, not slept and as advised I’m listening to my body, although it’s more like feeling and trying to interpret.
Initially just thinking about my situation, first about the witch bitch shit then work. Then became aware that when my eyes closed it looked like what I can only describe as a cosmos. Mainly dark/grey with lots of small light effects, not like more localised aurora borealis stuff but more distant. Then interpreted this as the chemicals from the chemo interacting/attacking my body’s cells. Can this really be happening? Either way it’s pretty to watch.

It’s 4.14 in the afternoon now and haven’t slept much. Feel ok although the steroids have given me an instant tan. No side effects yet, but obviously very early days, well early day really.

It definitely feels weird, suddenly the normal rhythms of life have shifted drastically for me while life for my family and others carries on around me.

Courtesy of Jo and Den.

With regard to the police phone call yesterday and the witch bitch mention earlier that’s about my other cancer. I have the internal one in my neck the other gets me in the neck from the outside. It’s an external cancer caused by my ex-wife, the mother of my children and i may expand, but not now.One cancer is enough to deal with at a time.


One thought on “Night time ramblings and daytime reflection.

  1. Mmmmm. A teacher,cancer diagnosis, scientific background at uni, studied various pharmacology units, not particularly affluent. Ever thought of going into Crystal Meth production? Just a thought….


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