Learnt something new last night in that going to bed in a positive frame of mind is hard after watching Chelsea and that particularly obnoxious Mourinho. He epitomises for me much that is unpleasant about modern sport and his behaviour is tolerated too easily.

Anyway on a much more positive note had a surprise visit from my old mate Martin. And here comes a little more weirdness. He told me that the previous evening he’d been at a do sitting next to Ian Duncan Smith, now there’s a name to lift the heart. Martin as ever tried in vain to convince me that people like IDS might have some redeemimg features but told me a story about how at a high level European meeting when IDS was representing Cameron. Apparently it was rather boring and IDS began his speech by saying he’d lost the will to live. This was translated as he’d got terminal cancer and Merkel came over to comiserate with him. I think Martin has to choose between the 2 Duncan Smiths in his life.

We also spoke about the motives for people blogging and the like about such things as their cancer. Martin said he thought many did it in the hope that someone would reply giving them a cure. Caused me to think why am I writing this? A search for a cure certainly wasn’t conscious. To communicate with others, certainly. A soupcon of narcissism, probably. But i think the main reason was to try and help myself in my current condition. As i read Oliver Burkeman on Saturday he states : ‘the psychological benefits of externalising thoughts via journalling are well established’, and I’m sticking with this.

Had a delicious cream tea at Sal and Mike’s yesterday; lovely food and company. One topic touched on was agony aunts and whether there are agony uncles. I said no as there needs to be alliteration. Suggested they have schadenfreude schwesters in Germany, anyone got any other suggestions?

Kate’s bought loads of organic, healthy food (cream tea was a special treat) and as ever is so very loving and caring although she doesn’t like my beard, too prickly. I will shave it off today, don’t want to look like Roy Keane.

Just waiting for district nurse to come and relieve me of my chemo pump and redress dressing. The weekend’s over and first full week of treatment begins. No seriously untoward side effects yet, just a few bits of localised pain, is this the chemo attacking my body? Throat/neck a bit sore, but this is where it will all happen over the next few months, well maybe not all as i suspect there are other things happening in the world, so keep on keeping on.

love Duncan


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