Happy birthday blogging and bleedin’ Bono

So blogging started 20 years ago, bloke called Dave Winer published his first blog on October 7th 1994, thanks Dave.

Went on a trip out of Swanage for something other than medicinal yesterday when Sal and Mike kindly drove us to Dorchester and it’s hideously expensive Plaza cinema to see ‘What we did on our holiday’. (Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen film). Lovely film set in a very scenic part of Scotland about the vagaries of dysfunctional family life and centering on the death of grandad, played by Billy Connolly, from cancer. Kate of course kept checking I was OK with this but as someone is diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes in Britain, when you read obituaries as I have for a number of years now and the majority of deaths seem to be cancerous I realise that it’s somewhat ubiquitous in our lives and so difficult to avoid. The film made some good points, had many funny moments, especially Amelia Bullmore losing it in a shop (she is such a good actress) and gave me an idea for my funeral. I cried, especially at the end, but it wasn’t because of someone dying of cancer, rather more about how achingly sad it is that we too easily get caught up in stuff that is petty, negative, stultefying and shit instead of appreciating, celebrating and enjoying life. Easy for me to write as I lie here with cancer!

Thanks David for suggesting that my writing style might be Gonzo, Hunter S Thompson is one of my writing heroes, so i feel flattered. Extended alliteration to my betting yesterday by backing horses with alliterative names, doubled my money so maybe……….

No takers yet on the IDS front, come on you Tory loathing wordsmiths.

Thinking of wordsmiths Terry Eagleton in yesterdays’ Guardian in the ‘If I were king’ slot had many very funny suggestions including:  ‘People who tell you that they literally exploded with laughter will be literally exploded’. Well I thought it funny.

What I don’t think funny was what I read today about Bono and U2; some of you know that I’ve long thought the man a charlatan, poseur and fraud (although maybe using words other than these). What the nobo said was mind boggling in it’s ignorance and utter disrespect for most of humanity, especially all those ‘poor people in Africa’. He represents much that is wrong with our current world as wealth floods up to him and his neoliberal tribe, there is no trickle down. Please everyone with a smidge of knowledge and understanding treat him with the utter disdain he shows for others, watch on you tube the chaser ‘I still can’t accept what a nob I am’.

Is this getting angry about the nob good for my cancer? Right now I don’t care, but will reflect on later.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday blogging and bleedin’ Bono

  1. Dunc / Ian

    I am afraid we are becoming grumpy old men. Loved your thoughts on the Grinning Gargoyle. I blame Tony Blair for this final disintegration of our fake democracy, although that is giving the ‘sincere’ git too much credit. I could go on. Have I mentioned Nicolas Sarkozy in this context? Ze problem wiz Sarkozy is zat wen e lies e duz not know in imself zat e is lying. Aspirational in a way, but I suspect he DID always know. The test is whether they can look people in the eye. TB tried SO HARD to do this but that fraction of a degree offline scuppered him. You really can’t fake it. IDS was miles offline. Did you see the film ‘The Queen’ – re TB and that vile spin doctor (AC) whose name I won’t even lower myself to mention? Also, have you seen the film ‘Downfall’? The Grinning Gargoyle should watch and reflect.

    So, you are a fan of HST. I didn’t know, although we have probably spoken about it before. I just don’t remember stuff these days. I may be suffering from early stage dementia – probably in the same league as cancer affecting us older guys I guess. Not being supercilious, I hope. Have we also spoken about George Carlin? He had some good ideas.

    Agreed that Bono is a pretentious and worthless cunt / prat. There was a great piece about him in Viz magazine a while back which nailed him. It is a shame if ‘success’ in the form of money can spoil people, but I guess they must have been bad eggs before they got the money otherwise it would not have had that effect.

    ‘Literally’ is another of my favourites – overused and misapplied. On the other hand, ‘alliteration’ is delightful and totally innocent. Recently read a book called ‘For who[m] the bell tolls’ by a Guardian sub-editor – can’t remember his name, but it was very good.

    Have had some run-ins recently with Averil’s brother’s wife regarding ‘Neoliberalism’ on the basis that she thinks I subscribe, but I don’t even recognise what it is. Apparently it is some Thatcher / Reagan thing which is designed to free up the large corporates to commit more evil. I personally think we just need less corporatism and less people telling us what to think and what to do so we can make our own decisions and obviate the need for large corporates whether ‘stock market’ (greedy fuckers) or ‘public sector’ (gongs and pensions). No man should have his foot on another man’s neck per N Bukharin. The opposite is akin to Nazism leading inevitably to the Nuremberg trials, no? Have I mentioned that I think the dreadful Boris will be the next and, more importantly, the last PM of our great and pioneering country. The revolution is brewing! This is a big topic and I can’t do it justice here.

    However, this leads nicely into your comments about ‘protocol’. The ‘establishment’ in the form of so called professionals ranging from medics to garage mechanics will always, it seems, try to browbeat, intimidate and patronise us. Harold Shipman was a master at it. The bastards will take control if we let them. If they do it will be our fault.

    Now for some serious stuff. Do tell me if you disagree, but from my acknowledgedly ignorant perspective cancer is no more than a very inconvenient illness. It may be potentially life threatening, but then you can die in 1000 other ways, quite commonly without notice. Agreed, you don’t let ‘it’ take you on as a ‘battle’. You don’t give the crabby fucker that much credit. If you allow it to become your main focus you are, in a way, letting it take front stage, playing into its evil claws. Sorry, but I think a lot about these things and just wanted to share my thoughts. This is also a big topic and I can’t really do it justice here.

    Notwithstanding all the aforesaid, do keep on keeping on, as always ;-). And do keep on writing.

    Lots of love to you, Kate and all your fans.

    D x

    PS On a brighter note, at least we don’t live in the USA – a massive experiment that has gone horribly wrong. I do know US citizens who have renounced their citizenship / passports – the enlightened few. Let us be thankful for small things.


    1. Thanks David, loads of good stuff which we will elaborate on. In the meantime in the words of
      George Carlin : ‘when swimming through the sea of life best use breast stroke, clears the shit out the way’.


  2. Not sure who you are David, but like your words – especially le bit sur Sarkasm posing as m le president, and scarily he is resurign in ppouarity thanks ot the so well intenritoend but hopeleesly uncharismatic efforts of the neodutchman…, though Mr John Lewis is very wide of the mark in his baguette-battering.

    And yes, on language-was going to write this morning but had to do hedge trimming before the next monsoon arrives, so synchronicty re David’s comment –
    while my best friend had breast version (now, 6 years on, back to blooming health despite a late diagnosis and many lymph glands removed), we talked around the language and she felt that ‘ a cancer experience’ best captured its occurrence on the continuum that is our fluid, fluxing meandering route through this life, indicating the after as well as the before, and the hanging around a bit that it often does. The polar Protocols Of Health vs Ill-Health demand a rigid terminology of single words: Panic, Fear, Power to corral us into the course of action that causes them the least inconvenience (with fair reason in the case of the poor nhs) but that doesn’t allow time – for reflection, for accommodation, consideration, or creating ones own options.

    and finally, in gratitude and respect for teh glorious waterfall of words that you’ve started Duncan, that old chestnut cracker Deleuze:
    “Writing has nothing to do with meaning. It has to do with landsurveying and cartography, including the mapping of countries yet to come.’
    onward, inward, outward.


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