Theory of Mind

Day 13 in the big C house, still a long way from the final eviction but thoughts and ideas are starting to evolve with me and others about the nature of C and it’s place in our culture. The typical easy on the brain approach has us battling bravely, and if you do that then general nods of approval. Thus far I’ve read very, very little about it which as a voracious reader seems somehow odd. Partly fearful but mainly because I am fairly sure that there is a great morass of contradictory, learned, ignorant, scientific, unscientific, hyperbolic,sensible and a whole lot more stuff out there about the crabby git. And we all have our individual belief systems and when confronted by something these kick in and frame our response.

Thinking about responses a very crude categorisation of the responses by people I tell I’ve got cancer are of 2 types. The first show empathy such as saying how sorry they are, that they’re upset, anything they can do to help or support. The second type respond about themselves in some way such as how they’ve got/had cancer or how they might be next. A classic part of an autistic diagnosis is to do with something called theory of mind; basically described as the ability to know that we and others have various mental states and that others might have different mental states to ours. So hypothesis of the day is that these type 2 respondents have poor theory of mind. Peer review that my friends!

Insufferable Duff Scoundrel?

Effects of chemo brain reducing and my brain is less fuzzy.

Received a get well card from work signed by lots of lovely people who all bar two wrote ‘keep on keeping on’, looks good.

One side effect has been a change in the way food and drink taste which for a food and drink lover while marginally interesting is more disconcerting. Last week found myself enjoying plain yoghurt with boiled rice and generally wanting simple comfort food. On Saturday’s outing found myself looking longingly at pubs we passed.

Keep on keeping on , love Duncan.


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