Well slap my head

Last night whilst watching TV i pulled a clump of hair from my scalp. Of course I knew losing my hair would be a probable side effect, I had decided that i wouldn’t have a period of moulting and would have it sheared. I also thought I’d get a range of hats and stupid wigs.

As ever the actualite brings unanticipated emotions and thoughts. My initial feeling was great sadness. for many years now I’ve had a thick mane of silver hair, as a silver back I’d bestride Swanage beating my chest. Now suddenly I’ll be a slaphead, suck a lolly and make like Kojak. Just had a brief fantasy of having it all shaved off bar a bit down one side as it’s long enough to create a combover. I’m sure I remember Ralph Coates hairing down the wing and stopping to put  his hair back over, did this really happen?

OK it will grow back but very soon I’m going to see this weird image in the mirror. I know that when others see me there will be a range of responses, just thought I’d like to see my class and get an autistic response. Does this blog need pictures? A photo of me bald?

So i am experiencing in a very short period what other men experience over a rather more protracted period. I am going to buy my first new hat this afternoon.

Keep on keeping your hair on, love Duncan.


4 thoughts on “Well slap my head

  1. As a bloke in the very much more protracted period of hair loss I much recommend hats, but only to keep your head warm at this time of year. Show off your bean proudly! Anyone who doesn’t know you won’t look twice. And anyone who does will just have to accept your silver mane has run off to play with its new found freedom, only to get bored and slowly return where it belongs.

    Ideology-Driven Sociopath says
    It’s the Deficit Stupid, but
    I Don’t think So

    Love the blog Duncan.

    As one imminent slaphead to another – keep on keeping on, hair or not.


  2. Of course you could wear one of those bald-guy head pieces and occasionally, dramatically remove it to reveal…….. your real bald-guy head piece. Ta daa! 😉


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