Look straight to camera, earnest look, 5,4,3,2,1 and lie.

Who’d have known how many hats are available in little old Swanage shops. Bit embarassing trying them on as I’d leave lots of hair on them. Eventually bought a gorgeous red sheepskin number, so the bonce will be kept warm as well. Will also be doing Mark’s idea.

At hospital today for mask fitting. For some reason I’d envisaged some Hannibal Lecter affair to protect my face from X-rays (you’d think they would use more current rays @M.Brydsenjokesrus), proved a long way from what I got. They used a special thermoplastic from Yankland, comes in a rather fetching light purple with lots of perforations. After 3 nurses carefully position me the heated plastic is dropped carefully on my face and shoulders and moulds itself around my head and upper body. It produces a great looking head and shoulders mould, nothing like the mask I’d imagined. It’s used to keep the head and upper body absolutely still while being zapped as the ‘mask’ is locked into place. Then experienced it for a CT scan, felt fine. Sprayed silver it will be my fancy dress for News Years Eve 2015.

David, loved your long ranting comment, certainly agree about Blair. Blair, blair, blair, blair, bleh, bleh bleh bleh, just keep repeating with long, tongue out emphasis. Should be a new verb: to blair – to talk with apparent sincerity, a sincerity that masks (or attempts to mask) total insincerity.

All you need to know about the man is summed up in 2 anagrams

  • Blair – Bliar
  • Tony Blair MP – I’m tory plan B

Definitely perturbed by prospect of losing hair, understand why people have wigs, especially women. I hope that my intent to wear lots of hats and silly wigs doesn’t somehow offend others but I think it’s a coping mechanism for me. If there’s anyone who wants to do something for me then a wig or hat would be very much appreciated.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


3 thoughts on “Look straight to camera, earnest look, 5,4,3,2,1 and lie.

  1. Hi ,
    I met up with Steve and Tarisha on Sunday as always they are inspiring to be around. They connected me to your blog, hope that is alright .
    You have and continue to be a great oratorian so “keep on keeping on ” with it.


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