An unapologetic tirade, except for a little apology at the end

Never in the history of hupersonkind have so many robbed so much from so many for so long. I’ve been angry about this for so many years, frequently feeling like the little boy in the emperors clothes tale. All anyone has to do, repeat for emphasis, ALL anyone has to do is just look at a few news reports from today:

‘take home pay has fallen by 20%, courtesy of wage freezes, pay caps and increasing pension contributions’

‘average CEO pay increased by 20% last year’

‘British workers have had the longest and deepest fall in real earnings since 1860’

BG new chief executive ‘ a £15 million “golden hello” and potential earnings of an additional £14m a year’

There never has been even a ‘trickle down’ (what deeply offensive language when you actually think about it), there has over the last 30 or so neoliberal years been an increasing flood up to the greedy,selfish, corrupt, immoral sociopaths. An oft repeated justification for the rich fuckers pay (and one that if you think about it all is merely tautological) is by using a benchmark analogy. The only benchmark I’d like to see is of the shape of their skulls in a bench smashed over their heads.

Of course all of you with more than a modicum of psychonanalytic awareness recognise this tirade as an attempt to sublimate my cancerous anger.

Tried to explain to Kate last night what it felt like to lose my hair and how, as I’ve already intimated, when it actually comes to it glib and joky responses can’t mask the deeper emotions. Of course humour is a coping mechanism, and one I’ll continue using to the worst of my ability, but every now and then a deep sadness blubbers up. Kate felt my deep sadness last night and said she’d cut her hair off in solidarity. This must be added to the lexicon of definitions of love.

Walking round the house I see my hair everywhere, looks like I’ll get it shaved off tonight and per Jo’s suggestion I’ll bury it under the magnolia tree in the garden. If any of you are so minded listen to Magnolia Tree by Truckstop Honeymoon, it was our first wedding song in the woods.

Sorry, it’s been mostly anger and sadness but keep on keeping on

love Duncan


3 thoughts on “An unapologetic tirade, except for a little apology at the end

  1. A couple of relevant Ted Talks (which you may have seen) that are quite fun….

    Or, how about this one for a bit of a caveat? Are you better than a shimp?

    KOKO (sic)


  2. Thanks Mark, good old TED, have watched Rosling one already but first 2 confirm my long held beliefs. Have invested all my money in a company specialising in old fashioned agricultural tools.


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