The Crown of Madness

So I was walking down the high street thinking that not much weird stuff had happened lately when I looked up to see 2 men on scaffolding pointing a wall at the side of a house. I pointed at one of the pointers pointing, it was Jaike my stepson and I pointed out to him that he was pointing my old house. Weird? Not really, merely co-incidence.

Mark B, thanks for the ‘crown of madness’, I will wear it out and about and will have photo as proof. It is the first hat or wig I’ve received.

So David H you think that Boris de Pfeffel twatface Johnson will be the next prime minister and also the last. I am intrigued and want to know more of your thinking. There is definitely more talk about there needing to be significant change and that continuation along the neoliberal path is unsustainable. It is also the case that world population growth is unsustainable. I still clearly remember those exponential graphs from A level biology for any organisms population growth until they use up one resource or another and all die off pretty quickly. Look at a graph of recent huperson population growth and it’s been getting steeper  rapidly. Happy days.

Spoke to my class again this morning, they all seemed pleased to talk with me and it felt good talking with them.

Just ordering a new hat, hopefully we’re going to see a Bowie tribute band tomorrow night, thanks for tickets Al. So I’ve ordered a blue fedora in a pathetic bid to look a little like Mr Bowie. For many years i regularly sang “with your long blond hair and your eyes of blue” (first sung to me by Pud Rees in a pub in Maidstone), had to amend to “white hair” a number of years ago and now to “smooth domed pate”.

I enjoyed watching links to TED stuff Mark B sent yesterday in response to my rant about inequality, one from one of the obscenely rich plutocrats and he recognises the need to do things differently, otherwise the rich better beware the pitchforks. I’ve already bought shares in companies making agricultural implements.

Just to differentiate us what about Incredibly Dense Smith?

Felt sad yesterday, feeling perkier today. Not really looking forward to another dose of chemo next week so hopefully will feel well enough for a bunch of Bowie songs tomorrow, possibly my first hairless social engagement, wish me luck.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


4 thoughts on “The Crown of Madness

  1. Fedora Duncan, brother of Isadora 🙂
    Is a door a way in or out? Either way, thankyou for standing on the threshold and inviting us all in.

    Who’d have thought, after all these years of KOKO greetings in our cards that it would take on such meaning…. Looking forward to the Keeping On dance at the after party. Meanwhile, pluckers up, f——s down. x


  2. Jo
    thanks for another lovely comment. Only yesterday i was listening to the oysterband and thought if and when i get through this i’ll book them to play at the party!
    love duncan


  3. Hey Duncan found your blog its brill !
    Hope all’s admiring your new ‘do’… , just to say the Lily O’Brien chocolates are all gone and omg they tasted amazing -really !
    Hope you and Kate had a good weekend, Lindsey


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