Senile plaque and OFSTED.

Found a new comedic hero, bloke called Lewis Black, recommended by my uncle Barry. Check him out on youtube, made me laugh out loud many times.

Went to see the consultant for first proper consultation today and like everyone else so far at the local cancer centre he was excellent. Explained treatment and I’ve got about a 70-80% chance of a successful outcome, as a current alliterative gambler they seem fair odds. What I’m having is a pretty heavy upfront dose of chemo and radiotherapy. As it’s oropharyngeal (base of tongue) there will be some fairly unpleasant side effects but everything except for part of my beard will return, with some luck. Kate has been worried about a mark on my back, not skin cancer as well! Doc had a look and said it’s senile plaque, another of those skin blemishes we get with age. The term tickled me.

Poor day on the horses Saturday, left with 54p yesterday, but some inspired alliterative choices for a patent bet brought my stake money back. This felt better than any of my other recent wins.

OFSTED, what a complete bag of shit it is, latest allegations are that Gove’s favourite ‘superhead’ Rachel de Souza was given the nod when her school’s would be inspected. I could have written ‘given the head’s up’ there but I have developed a deep and enduring antipathy to any management speak bollocks buzzwords and phrases. Anyone who says ‘moving forward’ in my presence causes me to talk about moving sideways, sometimes backwards and occasionally round and round in ever decreasing circles until I’m on the plate with my head up my arse. I digress, and I can’t believe such a thing as letting Gove’s favourite ‘superhead’ (repeat it to yourself a few times and fellatio begins to raise it’s head) know of when impending inspections would happen. OFSTED are always so scrupulous. As Zoe Williams writes “OFSTED is a corporate concept driven by competition and measurement” and it’s played a large part in making teaching an increasingly less attractive profession; over half of teaching graduates have left teaching within 5 years,I wonder why? The day before I got my diagnosis I woke up thinking about an impending lesson observation, not my medical appointment; it’s sick the way OFSTED uses such a minatory approach approach and it feeds into the way school’s now operate. I’ll return to this topic later as Jo, the TA now running my class (my class, how proprietorial of me), just arrived bearing cards. One of them was from Tommy Top TA as he’s dubbed himself and he included some team called Manchester United’s fixture list, this will not aid my treatment.

Will include photos of my new looks as soon as I work out how to get them from camera to blog.

Keep on keeping on love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Senile plaque and OFSTED.

  1. I would like to correct you Mr Sometimes Glass Half Empty, the consultant said the chances were 70-85%, not that I’m being a pedant, but 5% is 5%, so there. I Love you Duncan, you are so completely amazing, an inspiration, and it is my absolute pleasure being the one standing next to you on this and every journey. Not that this particular journey is pleasurable, but maybe some great things may come from it, there is certainly one and that is your writing.


  2. Technically, as Mo would say, 15-30 % empty. Thank you so much Kate, you more than top up my glass and to have you with me on our journeys means everything to me.
    love Duncan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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