Bottoms up

Lying in bed in not much pain, although didn’t get much sleep, don’t you just love steroids? Reckon they influence my writing,maybe I get more ranty on them. Beginning to get more discourses going, will be good when they start interweaving more.

Simon we are all political, what you and many aren’t into is the governmental/party political shit. But we are all the public and political is also the ‘public affairs of a country’,  do you not believe in or want equality of opportunity, feminism, rights etc?  Of course you’re right that corporate influence, nay dictate, is too powerful and government suffers. You are also right that many of the young are turned off by current governmental politics, not surprisng when they are treated so increasingly badly. Of the many examples the one that stands out from the last election was the egregious lies from the liberals about student fees. One idea I’ve had is to have a variance on hustings and instead of having the usual suspects from the parties have a bunch of knowledgable sceptics and cynics and the like on the platform who don’t represent particular parties. Focus, if possible, the meetings at young folk as they are the ones who vote least, look how the Scottish vote got young people going recently. In recent general elections the parties have focused on the narrow middle ground demographic of ‘Worcester Woman’ and ‘Mondeo Man’, crap alliteration if you ask me. So instead try and connect with the mass of disaffected. And get rid of Murdoch and his ilk.

As a very engaged, was going to write ‘customer’ but immediately edited myself, patient of the NHS I have been following recent developments with the new geezer Stevens, think he has some promising ideas. Was listening to pm on radio 4 a couple of evenings ago and they interviewed various people from my local hospital, the chief executive sounded good (and staff at the hospital confirmed this when I spoke to them). A nurse who leads the Medical Investigation Unit explained how well the unit is running with it being nurse led, a doctor told of how hospital stays had been halved for a geriatric ward simply by involving patients more and giving them the option of more treatment and care at home. More bottom up stuff.

Overheard a fellow chemo bar client talk about how their life was now so overtaken by the cancer and it’s treatment: not working at previous job, affecting all the family etc and that they were overwhelmed and at a loss. I resisted butting in and one can sympathise and understand but hard though it is many problems, misfortunes whatever can be viewed as opportunities to ‘reframe’, create a new paradigm, do something different, get weird. keep on keeping on but along different paths and throw pitchforks at plutocrats and Buller Bullies.

Getting some chemo pain, or is it the steroid I’ve just taken or is it the heartache of all the injustice in the world. But as Jo (not TA) says two people somewhere in the world are falling in love right………………now.

Can i ask for some advice. Talking with Charlie the Bikemonger about my blog he said get it out on faceache and I’d get more contact with people. I have reservations and think the little community I’m helping facilitate so far is enough, what are your thoughts dear friends?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


4 thoughts on “Bottoms up

  1. Here’s a vote for staying away from FacePlant.
    First, its tricky to control who gets to read it (friends of friends of friends seem to get ‘invited’ by God-knows-who) and there might be a tendency to write to the lowest common denominator.
    Second, anyone who really gives a rats arse about you and your thoughts should have enough commitment to click on a web link once a day for feck’s sake!
    Third, I am still waiting for something profound to appear on FacePack.
    (Jesus, how arsit (trans. ~ ranty) am I gonna be if I have to take steroids one day!!!)


  2. ‘ Please insert this apostrophe in the word ‘rats’ above. I am completely shamed. I can no longer claim to be a pendant. Sorry.


  3. About faceache, just read a great piece by Will Self in New Statesman (only 4 words I didn’t understand) about UK constitutional reform. He writes about involving all citizenry in this, including the youth through policy wonks using social media “not appreciating – or perhaps realising only too well – that the atomising and enervating effects of the web and the internet are a large and growing component of the overall political apathy”. probably won’t use facebollocks.


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