I am not a brand

Hello friends,hope you’re having a good start to this autumnal weekend.

I’m feeling OK, more level headed than yesterday, despite noticing for the first time on the chemo infusor attached to me that is pumping 1.5 ml/hour of stuff into me has on it in big red letters “CAUTION CYTOTOXIC DRUGS”. It goes in through something called a PICC line, this is a tube that goes into a vein just above my right elbow, then follows the vein to just above my heart, still feels weird mentally that I have this thing in me.

Apparently my blog is a ‘long read’ and I occasionally read others, one last night was about the sisterhood of those with or have had breast cancer, it was very moving.

One I’ve just briefly read moved me in different ways. It’s titled “audit your brand”. I’m happy with the word “your” but the other 2, well they can fuck right off. As our world gets ever more “corporatised” our language gets ever more corrupted, I do not want to bleedin’ well “audit” my writing in the terms they outline, it’s my blog, my story, my narrative. They are my words, I do my own “auditing” through that old fashioned process known as editing, it happens in my head before and as I write and through further editing before I press publish.

And as for “brand”, hasn’t anyone already picked up the 3 adidas stripes that run through every piece? I am not a fucking brand, that’s what they burn on cattle with a white hot branding iron. I am just my writing.

Well silly old Hector, waiting for some response to your initial comment yesterday from any women who might care to. By the way, why silly old Hector?

Narky Marky thanks for thoughts on Facebollocks, and I am minded to refrain from joining. I feel happy so far with our little gang and Kate’s just spotted another senile plaque on me. How many has Nick got Jules?

How will the Bristol City do at Barnsley today?

Bit weird yesterday, after having a good chat with the Rev and various body parts falling off I walked into town. My condition and the drugs in me cause a change in perspective, I feel different within a place I know well. Sat having a coffee and there were 3 people sat near me I know quite well and none of them recognised me. Became a little weirder as I overheard one of them saying how unsettled he felt with some of his friends suffering from cancer.

Kate just said she thinks she’ll keep her wind up willies.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan @ Duncancer © aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “I am not a brand

  1. The point I think, or rather know, is that women who die of other causes cancer etc, is something that cannot be stopped. However whether a man is allowed, and yes I do mean allowed, to beat and kill women, is another thing entirely. Some men and the justice system condone the casual violence against women, and have done for far too bloody long. I did my thesis on domestic violence and in the early 90’s more women were incarcerated for killing their husbands whilst defending themselves than the abusive men were for killing their wives in the act of abuse. I remember one case, and I’m sure a lot of you will remember, when a man killed his wife and the judge gave him a suspended sentence because he ‘could understand what a trial it was to live with such a nagging wife’. Well need I say more, that’s why it is abhorrent and should not be allowed to carry on for one more second. Women and some men (who are also victims of domestic violence) must be heard and we should all do what we can to make it change. After that rant, hope you all have a lovely weekend, and thank you all so much for cheering Duncan up, and making this all a little bit bearable. xx


    1. As for being a brand, well, that Russell is one and he’s a complete knob IMO. I bet Bonio is a brand. I have long had a fantasy that, when I get told that I only have a couple of weeks to live, I would lure Bonio, Brand and Jonathan Ross into Castle Douglas Co-op and blow all five of us up. (The Co-op in CD always used to be the world’s worst supermarket and the reasons for the other guys is self-evident).
      But, my old mate Dunc, don’t get yourself too mithered about these kind of things – just rejoice in the fact that we are lucky enough not to get suckered so often as some others…..
      On the women and violence thing, there was a cracker in the press today, of course. “An Iranian woman convicted of murder — in a killing that human rights groups called self-defense against a rapist — was hanged Saturday,” And they say religion does not make for ethical government!
      Also, what is your current preferred form of head-ware for your local coffee shop forays?
      Much love and solidarity (that’s not supposed to be a joke, just in case constipation is another chemo side-effect)
      Narky X


  2. Wore the ‘crown of madness’ around town today, will put photo on tomorrow. I’m sure we can lure a few more worthies to the co-op, and remember I’m your man for pitchforks.


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