A Brief Crack of Light

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Well here here are some photos of the Brydsen ‘Crown of Madness’ out and about in Swanage.

No rant today because I’ve been so moved by how so many people have been so loving and caring and want to inflict upon you a poncy poem.

A few months ago I heard a piece by William Boyd on radio 2 about being human, and he centred it on Nabokov’s perception of life being a brief crack of light. It inspired me to write this:

A brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness,

before only the eternity of darkness after simply the eternity of darkness.

Between the prenatal obscurity and the posthumous obscurity

shines the brief crack of light.

This breach of darkness, a fissure that is the light of life.

Our life, our only life between the darkness.

And what fuels this light?

What makes the light shine brighter?

What lightens the darkness?

Why love of course.

And what dampens the light?

What lurks in the shadows?

The hate, the anger, the greed

the mistrust of the other.

So ask of your heart what lies within?

Is there more hate than love or love than hate?

And before that eternal, posthumous darkness

let love brighten the brief crack of light.

So thank you all my wonderful family and friends for the love that helps brighten.

Keep on keeping on love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “A Brief Crack of Light

  1. Can’t agree about eternal darkness – darkness between the light rather, darkness without light cannot be, and why do we represent darkness as nothingness or absence or lack, when it is so full? As in many other aspects of life the male yang sunshine extrovert view tends to dominate… do not fear the dark,
    Maybe you were channelling Martin Luther King: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    and rumi: “What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.”
    ou look gorgeous in the photos Duncan, and absolutely belie the pain and confusion you’re at times feeling – hero!
    on and on…… xxx


    1. Nicely done with the photos Dunc! I am surprised, however, that you don’t seem to be being pestered by Swanage fashionistas begging you to reveal where you got that ‘hat’ so they can get one too.
      On the crack of light thing, presumably Christians think we live in semi-light until we die – then we live in bright light. Buddhists, I guess, see life/death as a series of flashes! Maybe, if you keep coming back as a butterfly or somesuch insect, the whole experience is a bit like a strobe.
      I like your pome, by the way 😉


  2. One woman did say ‘good hat’ and I enjoyed wearing it.At the risk of sounding pretentious I think that wearing, consciously wearing, something that you know is out of the ordinary somehow moves you on from simply thinking ‘ooh everyone will look at me, what will they think about me?’ to what do I think and feel about wearing this, more internal than external. Or is it the male yang extrovert Jo?
    Either way I’ve got lots of hats now.


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