Messianic manifesto

So I’m looking at comments on my blog site yesterday when I notice there’s a text box about ads maybe being added. As I’m sure some of you would predict I took immediate umbrage at this capitalist intrusion, I can stop them if I upgrade, clever these running dogs. On sober reflection, unfortunately the only type currently available to me, I think I’ll leave it for now and see what, if any, they stick in. Could be mildly interesting.

Still feeling shit, it’s definitely hitting me harder this time round. It was sunny yesterday and I wanted to go for a walk but didn’t feel I could as my energy levels are so low. For some reason I keep thinking that I was told/read that I’d have about 10% lower energy levels, feels far more like 90% and only 10% available. I will at least have a little sit in the garden today  with my blanket like some old geezer.

In the 1960’s and 70’s there was a new mood developing, it was dubbed the ‘New Left’ and it was critical of the post-war state institutions. The main critique was that these institutions were too centralised and authoritarian, note that this critique was from the left not the right as the neoliberals would have us believe. They proposed greater worker and others participation in any decision making process, more creative risk-taking; ‘a more challenging, more experimental, more daring yet more diverse and inclusive culture’ (from Compass ‘Reclaim Modernity’).

Hunter S Thompson beautifully summed up the prevailing mood:

“And that, I think, was the handle—that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave.…
So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.”   Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The wave broke on the coming forces of neoliberalism, a strategy adopted by elite groups and corporations to keep and consolidate their power against the threat of the people’s democratic demands. Somewhat ironically we now witness the results: greater centalisation, much greater bureaucracy and managerialism, arguably less choice and a much coarser culture.

So manifesto 4:

  •  much greater participation of everyone in the democratic process, getting rid of the current democratic sham that is our parliamentary system and let culture and risk-taking bloom.

Thus  this blog is turning into some sort of political manifesto, better be careful Duncan as you’ll start to piss people off and maybe start thinking you’re some sort of messiah like that Brand bleeder and you’ll start wearing wraparound glasses all the time.

So someone please tell me I’m writing a load of fevered and deluded bollocks.

Another messiah.

Keep on keeping love Duncan.


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