Scrotal shock

Lying abed in hospital as I have a dose of neutropenic sepsis. Kate thought I was a bit feverish late last night and when she took my temperature it was over a 100. We called the hospital and they told me to come in. A blood test showed my neutrophil count to be really low and seems like I’ve some gut infection. Blood count already improving so hopefully home tomorrow.

As we came to hospital in the early hours another night of little sleep ensued. In the morning as I drifted in and out of sleep a white dove alighted on the ledge at the window next to my bed, it tapped it’s beak on the window. Thought maybe it was my dad.

Old beardy, the carpetbagging Branson, has hopefully shown more of the world what a solipsistic twat he really is. The man shows no awareness of how others might feel when before a day has passed of the death of one of his pilots he says the project will continue. You just watch the shamelessness continue as he dedicates any future efforts to the dead pilot. The man is a charlatan and joins my infamy gallery.

When I went to perform ablutions in the ward bathroom I noticed my scrotum looked different, on closer examination it was totally different from the last time I had a proper look: smooth and hairless, different shape. Weird. Kate says men pay a lot of money to have their scrotums like that. Weirder.

Staying in this anatomical area I learned last week which is the most intelligent muscle in the body: the anal sphincter. It knows the difference between gas, liquid and solid. What makes writing this paragraph weird is that at the same time I wrote anal a woman sat at the next bed said anal.

Manifesto number 4.(nicked this from the compass paper)

  • from a public fund journalists can apply for funding to research and write pieces they think in the public interest. This will be made available to all to read. This would of course circumvent the stranglehold of the likes of Murdoch, the Barclay brothers and other media magnates.

Halloween was bleedin’ hard work, Kate was out for an hour last night at peak kids trick or treating time and I was getting up every 2 minutes to answer the door.

Shorter one today as I’m very tired and in pain.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Scrotal shock

  1. what a star you are to write regardless – thanks for your dedication and huge energy to your healing from the gut thing. Gut instinct? Always going in the right direction, if there is one. May you sleep and be blessed. With Margie and Richard this weekend, a day of fresh air, murmurs (as not very large) of starlings and drinking your health, feeling guilty to be drinking without you but knowing you’d want us to. KO with you xx


  2. never feel guilty, it’s one of the ways we keep ourselves down. the other patients are all far more sick than me but they all have a life force distinct to them. i think the correct term is murmerette! x


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