Feeling safe despite the Bs

How frustrating, after being woken at 2 a.m. for obs I wrote a few brief thoughts for blog, saved them and now can’t find them. It was probably my best writing ever.

Have been in a small ward with 4 others who are far more seriously ill than me. What comes through from them is the spirit, calmness, and continuing enjoyment of life they share with family and friends.

A little perturbed when I reflected on the Oxfam stat of the richest kleptocrats getting $300,000 richer every minute. Even for them this is an extremely large amount. No, the amount is that made by the richest 85 bandits, so only actually about $10,000,000 a day each. So that’s alright then.

A brief rant using alliteration to name some of the bluffing bastard bandits: Brand, Branson, Blair, Bono, Bush, Bitler, Bol Pot, Bidi Amin, Bomas de Torquemada and Batcher.

Just been told by doc that blood count is good so can go home soon which is good news.

More people are becoming aware of the tyranny of school uniform. Deborah Orr in yesterday’s Guardian wrote about school being an unsafe place for children who turn up at school stressed because they might be picked on by staff for not wearing the ‘correct’ uniform. My niece has had some very negative experiences at her school over uniform lately, in my view her treatment was abusive bullying by staff. I checked their website and the policy and lists for uniform was unbelievably long and prescriptive with various sanctions for transgressions. This process then follows with teaching staff spending inordinate time and effort policing and punishing. My niece wants to change school.

Orr’s article used information from the Childrens’ Commision on Poverty report ‘Through Young Eyes’, the following are extracts:
However, many of the young people we consulted with raised the issue of the costs associated with education. From school uniform and educational trips to buying text books, children and families in poverty struggle to afford the necessary additional expenses for school or college. As one

young person said:

The cost of school uniform was a particular challenge highlighted by the young people we consulted, especially for those with multiple siblings and those in secondary schools
‘School uniform has got so expensive now… like the jumpers and stuff, they are not very well made and break quite easily, so I have to be careful and make them last.’ Kara
‘Uniform is ridiculous. We have to wear a blazer on top of a jumper it all has to have [their school] logo, blazer costs £40, PE jumper is £30, skirt is £20.’ Rachel
Kate and I can confirm the above. I had an email ‘conversation’ with an assistant head about uniform last year when a new uniform was introduced. When I questioned various assertions made about the value of a uniform and backed up my responses with research evidence the conversation soon ended with an agreement that there would be a review. The ‘review’, if it’s actually happened, seemed to begin with an email to all parents which began with: ‘after the successful introduction of our popular school uniform…….’. An objective, unbiased review eh?
These are state funded schools imposing unnecessary and damaging stuff on parents and children. My number one rule for any class I teach is that the children feel safe, appears that this is not the case for some schools.
No apologies for length of this, but education is my profession and it disheartens me greatly to read and hear of such injustice, it could even be classed as institutional abuse.
So to finish on a lighter note who would you like to see on Branson’s inaugural space flight with him?
Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

5 thoughts on “Feeling safe despite the Bs

  1. Mate, I wish I could share the pain! Big hugs. This reminds me of a story I heard a few years ago. Apparently there was some orphanage in Eastern Europe and there was a ward full of poorly babies in their cots. For some inexplicable reason whatever baby happened to be in the cot nearest the door seemed to flourish in comparison with the others. Observations were set up to see what was going on. It turned out that whichever nurse was on duty during the night always picked up the baby nearest the door when she left for the night and gave it a big cuddle. Whew cor blimey – so yes, big hugs indeed!

    Your political manifesto is spot on. it may just need a few tweaks but not much – I will supply my thoughts in due course. This is great stuff!

    I need to clarify my position on the tax system. My issues are:
    – History – it started with bullying and oppression. My son Tom wrote an article on this which I need to check and moderate – http://optimalcompliance.com/history-taxation/ and it’s not properly finished off yet either.
    – Practice – it seems (I really believe this but I need to prove it) to net transfer money from the poor to the rich. It has, I suspect, always been the case from the dawn of history.
    – There are so many fine and worthy people who work at the ‘grass roots’ of the public services and are desperately fighting the system. But the rich fuckers simply ignore it. Much more to say on this.
    – It is similar with regulation (is this what neoliberalism is about?) which only affects the poor. The rich fuckers simply ignore it. Kleptocrats? Yep, the clue is in the name.
    – Hypocrisy – it masquerades as one thing when in reality it is something else.
    – Many other points.

    So what is the alternative: think family – based on love, human empathy and affection not regulation, force and removal of moral obigation. Nor ‘uniform’, which is indeed ridiculous and awful beyond conception.

    BTW, your recent quote from HST is my son Tom’s favourite – ‘the high-water mark’. YES, to echo Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady).

    Loved Simon’s comments on political disengagement. What we need is voting ‘with the feet’ rather than through the falsity of the ballot box. The Scottish referendum was a refreshing interlude, but more of a sporting contest than anything political – the auld rivalry. And so predictable – I called it at 45/55 and wasn’t too far off. This is all changing even without our efforts. Big corporates and big government – lovers of each other go fuck yourselves as if it is the last time. I truly hope it will be … the last time really soon now.

    Going back to earlier stuff, no I don’t think it is particularly helpful to reflect on our own mortality. Prefer our own immortality as the theme. More on this later. I have some crazy ideas here. But no, I was just making the point that we shouldn’t regard cancer as different from any other disease or illness.

    Keep up the love and the writing dude. It is a daily inspiration. I feel I need to see you soon. Are you taking visitors at the moment?

    David x

    PS I have a very cheeky little idea. Whilst I loved all the photos you posted (and they are great), we do need one of you properly bald with no hats or hoodies, etc. This is because I want to set up a blog (using the photo) which will be entitled something like ”Ian’ Duncan Smith’s private and most innermost thoughts’. I have many ideas for the topics ;-).


  2. I taught in a school down the Old Kent Rd. where the kids were caned if they had any uniform malfunctions. That was in the olden days around the time of Jethro Tull and his ‘Horses Hoe Husbandry’.(I wouldn’t want to look look that title up on the World Wild Web!).
    Uniformity= control. You my friend are one of the chaps with their heads above the parapet. Control requires acquiescence. Hug a hoodie or broken Britain …make up your mind DC. Just don’t complain….
    Mobilised youth, poor, disaffected marginalised folk could have a big say, as in Scotland….fingers crossed. As Thatch said (quoting St.Francis of Assisi). Where there is discord may we bring harmony, where there is despair may we bring hope….sanity bring madness…….. matron…….

    Glad to hear that you are ok to get out of hospital.
    When 2 people concern themselves at the same time with the riddle of the sphincter it’s called an ‘analogy’ or ‘synchronisticus arsenalagous’.
    Keep on keeping on,
    Nicky Butt x


  3. Where is manifesto number 5? Presumably no school uniforms. I think a basic school uniform, very comfortable, trousers, not named, t shirt, not named and sweatshirt, not named, so that there is no pressure about what to wear for school, that the children are comfortable and warm, or cool and that it is cheap. No big and heavy monitoring of it either, what a bloody waste of time that is, my daughter got put into after school detention, what contributed to this was the fact that she was wearing pink socks, always knew that pink socks stopped you learning!! So wonderful to have you home my beautiful man. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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