We Keep Testing, and Nothing Changes

We Keep Testing, and Nothing Changes.

I’m afraid it’s the same story in England. A friend of mine summed it up beautifully:  ‘it’s like digging up a plant every week and measuring it then wondering why it doesn’t grow’.

Duncan Smith


3 thoughts on “We Keep Testing, and Nothing Changes

  1. O yes, perfectly put. The technologisation of learning: passing the systems, narrowing the mind… How can we bring weirdness to our young people’s development?


  2. Hi Duncan……I just got introduced to your blog by dear friend Jo Watt – your sister-in-law, yes? – who I have know since Northumberland days long ago. I lost my wife Jan to breast cancer in 2011, so am in the vast club of people who have been on or close to the journey you are currently travelling on. I like your musings, the personal plaided with the political, and write to send you some strength, light, comradeship…….you can check out my occasional rants, raves, pictures and observations on FB and Twitter ( never did a blog yet ) . Love to Kate too, she may remember me………onwards, now: onwards!

    Best, Richard ( also Rich ) Sharland


    1. thanks richard, unfortunately i don’t do faceache and only briefly dabbled with twitter but please feel free to contribute whatever through my blog, stuff is just beginning to develop. will check your stuff through family members. and if you haven’t got one yet get your pitchfork through me.
      love duncan


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