Belly piercing and that fishy Osborne.

So, actually I use so quite a lot, that’s why I slipped in a whereupon yesterday, but I quite like having the odd writing tic. Anyway Kurt Vonnegut uses ‘so it goes’ very regularly in Slaughterhouse 5 (thanks David).

So, as I was writing, it is a little weird that I mentioned tax havens and that very day I get someone viewing my blog from Monaco! The only person I know with any Monacan connection is my old rugby mate Paul Wogan, is it?

Another connection I have concerns a Buller Bully. The latest Private Eye had a piece about Darius Guppy wanting to get revenge with someone who gave evidence against him in an insurance fraud that he was put away for a few years. He is in that Buller Bully photo with de Pfeffel Johnson and Cameron twats. Anyway, I used to live in a flat owned by the Guppy brothers. It was a lovely flat but a little tatty and a number of things needed repairing/doing. I telephoned Mr Darius and explained this and he was somewhat affronted I’d done so, how dare I phone the landlord to get some stuff done. I calmly persisted, he then asked “do you want me to take my shirt off and whip my back?” I calmly replied that there was no need for that, just get the repairs sorted. “Do you know I’m a kick boxer”, he said. Must admit I did then say “ooh, get you” or something similar and he slammed the phone down.

So we get to this morning’s appointment for my belly piercing and as I’m being booked in by the nurse I realise someone has been very stupid in having eaten breakfast. Generally surgical procedures, especially on the stomach, require fasting beforehand. Thus a morning procedure became an afternoon procedure. Sat next to an old woman in the waiting room in the afternoon who wittered on about having to wait, when my name was called I quietly said she was lucky, I’d been waiting since 9.30.

Well isn’t that nice Mr Gideon Osborne being good and transparent showing where all our tax money goes. The pie chart shows a quarter of the slice going on ‘welfare’, without informing what this includes. It includes pensions, disability benefit, sickness benefit as well as unemployment benefit. Of course it is being used to reinforce Tory lies and the narrative about the workshy, the feckless and similar who are the undeserving so they can continue their ‘austerity’. And so many people take this in and regurgitate the poisonous bile that is vomited over the poor, the sick, the disabled and anyone else who is a drain on this proud nation. Fact: 3% of welfare money goes to the unemployed. Fact: way more money is unclaimed by welfare claimants than is fraudulently claimed. Fact: the Tories are a manipulative bunch of liars.

Which brings me to Manifesto 7 (nicked from Richard):

  • If a politician makes a promise to the electorate as part of their manifesto and then reneges on that promise when in power they are then prosecuted under the trades description act, thrown out of parliament and made to sit on the naughty step.

Another reason not to listen to Heart radio: their owners Global Radio haven’t paid any corporation tax for 5 years.

In case anyone was wondering it was Darius Guppy’s grandad gave the name to the fish. Darius followed the family tradition with the convict blenny.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Belly piercing and that fishy Osborne.

  1. Ha Ha on the Guppy !!

    I bumped into Marcus Evans today at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic he asked after you.
    He has a 27 year old son who plays cricket for Warwickshire ,Laurie Evans.

    Though not as eloquent as you I am currently besieging Jeremy Hunt and supporting Louise Irvine take him on as part of the South West Surrey National Health Action Party,
    If you would like to be creative with a suggested reply to the following please do.

    Dear Yvonne

    Thank you very much for your email about the suspension of I appreciate you taking the time to write to me about this and I was sorry to learn that this has caused you difficulties as a T3 CAMHS worker, particularly the need to recommend places to people who do not reach the criteria for treatment, but are looking for support and intervention. As such, I have forwarded your email to Norman Lamb, the Minister of State for Care at the Department of Health for his attention and comments.

    I will be in touch further once I receive his response.

    Best wishes

    Rt HonJeremy Hunt MP
    Member of Parliament forSouth West Surrey


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