Laugh at all the pompous prats.

Not a brilliant night’s sleep as I have developed a cough and it hurts my piercing every time I cough. Been advised to hold it in place to prevent it popping out, certainly helps. Last week before radiotherapy starts, trying not to think too much about it. I am though going to the pub on Saturday to watch England/All Black game and I’m going to have my first pint for quite a while! Now that bleedin’ haka thing the All Blacks do, I’m not happy with it. Why should a team be able to perform a war dance, for that is what it is, and then have an implicit deal that it is respected? Various teams have responded in different ways, I remember the French once linking arms and walking towards the All Blacks, I really wanted them to break into the Can Can. Anyone out there got any other ideas?

So the school uniform ridiculousness rumbles on with hundreds sent home from a Bradford school this week. The following are a couple of comments from the head:

“Our uniform and dress codes set the tone for our community and provide the scaffolding for high standards in every aspect of school life,” Churton said.

“The school has a responsibility to properly prepare our young people for the world of work and this means understanding the appropriate dress required in today’s society”

There is no good academic evidence for the claims made for uniforms. For example with regard to improving behaviour and community spirit there was a well-publicised piece of research by Oxford Brookes: Pupils “enjoy the sense of pride they get from wearing a smart uniform, and the smarter the better”, what wasn’t so well publicised was that the research was sponsored by the Schoolwear Association, no conflict of interest there.

American academic David Brunsma has probably done the most serious research into school uniform. He was outraged by Clinton in 1996 suggesting schools use uniform to control youth gang culture. After 8 years of research he concluded: “The results, although surprising to many, simply cannot be ignored. Uniforms do not make our school better.”

Preparing our young people for the world of work in which everyone wears blazers, ties, plaid skirts and any of the other increasingly narrow and prescriptive bollocks schools add to their uniform policies don’t they/we? Our plumber wears the nattiest blazer. These people’s understanding of ‘appropriate dress’ reflects Grayson Perry’s ‘default man’: white, middle aged, middle class and male.

For extended article here’s link:.

Linda J Bussey wrote: “Can you advise what thread count their underwear should be please?”

Following on from evil Tory stuff (any dissenters? Still awaiting). Read a good rant by Michelle Hanson in yesterday’s grauniad:, it’s short, poignant and angry: “God forbid that the poor and sick should have the tiniest smidgen of comfort or pleasure”. But reading the comments (congratulations Hector, by the way, for the 100th comment, the prize is in your head) found 2 more IDSisms:

Mr I D(on’t give a ) S(hit) doesn’t give a shit

Intentionally a
Disabled people
Slaying machine

Everyone get angry, sign the online petitions, pressure your labour person, support the Greens, boycott the tax evaders, talk to your children and anyone else who cares to listen, buy a pitchfork, join the SNP, educate yourself (sorry, patronising alert), boo, heckle and laugh at the politicians. Aha,

Manifesto 9:

  • it will be the duty of every fair minded citizen to laugh at any politician they encounter with whom they are angry. This can begin now by laughing at any UKIPPER, IDS, Gove, Cameron, twatface de Pfeffel, Bliar, Mandelson, Clegg, Cable and anyone else you feel needs to be ridiculed. This could be extended to there having to be a ridicule laughter machine in every TV and radio studio which can be activated by any concerned citizens and the volume of which rises as more join in whilst a politician is talking.

Keep on laughing on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Laugh at all the pompous prats.

  1. I like Manifesto 9. Can we also have interviewers who cut off the sound when politicians fail to answer the question and just burble on about their policies and how brilliant they are….just ‘sound off’ and play some music with a ‘nobody is listening to you’ screen in front of them until they shut up…….


  2. Perhaps Jarvis Cocker’s ‘moon’ in Michael Jacksons direction could be replicated by England when faced with the’s a bit like sticking a flower up someone’s barrel in Tiannaman Square…. sort of.
    Savour your drink on Saturday old chum.
    Keep on Keeping on.
    Ipadicus Hectorious (the Centurion)


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