Drinking without swallowing.

Unfortunately didn’t get a good nights sleep, coughing, belly pain and a little feverish. Slight alarm last night when I went to flush my piercing as the clamp had become unclamped so exposing my stomach’s internal world more directly with the external world. There was some seepage of stuff, the scientist in me briefly thought about having a closer look, the tired body and brain said just flush it and go to bed. It’s a weird process as you draw up 50 ml of sterile water and inject it into the tube straight into my stomach, don’t feel anything.

So when I’m in the pub think I’ll take bets on being able to ingest half a pint of beer without it touching my lips, mouth or gulllet, then injecting it through my tube.

So have a reader in Africa, is that you Rachael? Rachael is a speech and language therapist who works with special needs kids in Kenya. We hooked up after we’d set up a little charity in my class and when looking for a good cause alighted on the idea of giving stuff to these Kenyan kids. First up we asked them what they’d like as presents, the Kenyan staff wrote back listing such things as crayons, dolls, balls, and the like. It was brilliant seeing the photos of them opening their presents, it was the first time any of them had received presents. The next tranche of money paid for furniture to be built for their very basic classroom and the last bit of money paid for sensory equipment. The whole process has been a privilege to be part of.

So Luxembourg has been exposed as being one big tax haven, like we didn’t already know. Of course Capitalism has no moral aspect, it only pursues profit and the maximising thereof, including ‘tax efficiency’, don’t you love their euphemisms. As everyone should know and be aware of the sums involved in tax avoidance and evasion are massive, certainly they dwarf any money lost through benefit fraud despite government propaganda. There would be no need for the appalling let’s get the paupers austerity shit, the NHS would have adequate funds, class sizes in state schools could match those of private schools, and life could be better for so many more people. So why don’t the politicos do anything?

Anyway leads to manifesto 10:

  • anyone found guilty of tax evasion/avoidance loses their right to citizenship, they obviously do not care about the well being of the country they live in, therefore forfeit the right to be part of that country. Moral retribution for these amoral fucks.
  • Amendment: it shall be treated as treason with a prison sentence and redistribution of their monies.

Can’t help myself, sooner or later I drift into rant mode. It’s not because I’m angry at being crabby even though Kate and I are thoroughly fed up with how it’s affected our lives. It’s because I’m still after all these years really pissed off with the way our world is run. And I’m fed up with people rationalising it in terms of ‘that’s the way we are’, ‘that capitalism has brought many goods’ and the like. People are generally social, humane, and care for each other but capitalism corrupts, Thatcher’s ‘there’s no such thing as society’ and similar have coarsened us.

I’ve taken some morphine, not only for the pain but hopefully to let me sleep awhile.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Drinking without swallowing.

  1. Hi. Manifesto 10 isn’t strong enough Duncan. Quite apart from the risk of the offenders swanning off to do the same to another country, ostracism isn’t a powerful deterrent. No, guilty of tax evasion or avoidance and the aiding and abetting thereof ( accountants take note ) is guilty of TREASON…..a deliberate betrayal of your fellow citizens. Improsonment, redustribution of 95% of your assets to the poor.


  2. Your investigative skills are right, your avid reader in Africa is me…
    Amazing day the other week, I was in a town called Mumias at the Education Assessment and Resource Centre where the sensory equipment was donated to – they have made a sensory room and it’s incredible!!! Would love to share pics with you, and I’ll be there using the sensory room for the first time (it’s a speech and language therapist’s dream to use a sensory room!!!)… so will get some pics and send them to you.. Email address??
    THANK YOU for all your wonderful support so far…


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