Piku and Sky

So, as the adage goes, you learn something everyday. Yesterday I learnt that it’s not a good idea to flush a gastric tube soon after you’ve eaten quite a lot. There’s a lot of gastric pressure pushing out when you’re trying to push in and it’s a bit messy.

Actually slept until about 5, then further morphine induced sleep only to be woken soon after by the bleedin’ alarm, no idea when I’d pressed the alarm button.

Radiotherapy is looming.

So Jo (not TA Jo) wrote in a text that ‘pints and pitchforks, perilously close to piku posturing’. I love some of the language you use Jo and I have no idea what this means. This gets my etymological juices flowing, and hey, guess what, there are numerous meanings of piku:

  1. In Japanese Manga and Anime it’s the sound effect of an eye blinking.
  2. In Japanese it’s onomatopoeic of blink.
  3. Used in Manga and Anime to  be surprised or in disbelief of something (blinking).
  4. A dude who sounds and acts like a chick; a pussy; a wuss. See Piko (Indian)Piku: Hey I am Piku and I am such a woman, I whine like a little bitch.

  5. In Hindi meaning: to pull out, uproot, wrest, to tear, pull to pieces, destroy, demolish, dismiss.
  6. Basque phrase: piku hostoa, meaning fig leaf.
  7. Esperanto meaning bite.

So there I am with my pitchfork by my side and pint in hand as I blink like a wuss tearing off the fig leaf with my teeth. Is this right Jo?

Very pleasant visit from Alan yesterday, and we briefly discussed today’s England/All Blacks game. Alan asked what channel it was on, Sky I replied. We both agreed that national sporting events should be on terrestrial TV and not Sky and the like. I refuse to have Sky, primarily because of the Dirty Digger who has played a very significant part in making our world increasingly unpleasant and coarser. The premier league and Murdoch deserve each other but not national sporting events, hence:

Manifesto 11:

  • all national sporting events for football, rugby league and union, cricket, golf and any others people care to add to be shown only on BBC (maybe ITV as well).

I feel excited about watching the game, even though it will feel weird sat in the pub for the first time in a while and drinking ale. As I’m sure is the case for others in my position sometimes you feel relatively confident and strong and able to be with others, then at other times not so and just want to curl up and hide away.

Either way I’ll keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Piku and Sky

  1. Not quite dear Dunky, as Cairo likes to call you, but couldn’t bring myself to write the dreaded farrageparty (pronounce as in garridge party) name so resorted to its reversal… plus the alliteration was too tempting not to use…..
    you see I like the idea of you having a pint very much, and hope it stays inside you, but the image of you brandishing a pint and your pitchfork was so,as I said, perilously close to posturing of the anti-european brigade that it worried me……
    Not as abstract as i make out really.. 🙂 Hope the pint went down well, just keep drinking in halves an then there’ll be no danger of you being considered either piku or a threat to their stupid idea of manliness. xx Keep on keeping it all in, sending healthy quantum particles your way. (Ref that earlier article about quantum strangeness, thoughts actually change our world) – you’re making a damn good start. x


  2. Not for one second, it’s only the adjunct of the pitchforks that gave that impression…the whole is worse than the sum of its parts.
    Love the writing, gets better with your suffering weirdly… keeping on with the vision of you healed hale and newly minted come the spring. xxx


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