Exponential X-Rays

Had a CT scan today to check the old ticker. When they did the initial obs the old ticker was ticking away at rare old speed, way above my normal resting rate. Given a couple of beta-blocking tabs and had to wait for an hour. When lying being prepped for the scan my heart rate was still over 80, they needed it around 60. So a cardiologist injected more blocker and the rate came down and I felt woozy. Also felt annoyed with another canula being stuck in me.

During the scan they inject a dye, I’ve already experienced this a couple of times and they’d told me I’d feel a hot flush and feel like I’m peeing which I didn’t, but this time I did. First you really feel like your pissing yourself; weird. Then this hot flush passes like a wave through my body, disappearing out of my fingers and toes, also weird. Won’t get results for a couple of weeks.

So radiotherapy starts tomorrow, trying to steel myself for the daily grind.

So big companies, and I assume individual kleptos, can legally claim tax relief on any interest on loans, this isn’t available to the likes of us of course. Governments value the rich above  us, yet we’re sold the lie that they represent us. Also the CBI bloke Cridland saying that government needs to reduce poor people’s taxes and boost childcare subsidy, to give them ( the poor people) more money. Note how they don’t offer to pay workers more, as one person commented: “More corporate scumbags who don’t want to pay decent wages and expect to leech off the state instead.”

So de Pfeffel twatface Johnson’s written a book about Churchill. How does he get away with it, is being London mayor a part time job? Apart from it being a rush job, poorly researched and revealing nothing new the book is shit. Dominic Sandbrook sums it up as; “Basically an extended riff about a charismatic showman often reviled by his contemporaries as reckless … Johnson has written a very short book all about himself, and called it The Churchill Factor”. The man is such a fraud, yet so many fall for his bollocks.

Poor old Milliband as the right wing media try and destroy him, even the BBC are at it, on pm a reporter just said “dogging Milliband”, do they have no limits?

Well, Martin’s nailed his whatsits to a mast, good for you. Can’t allow the last two, I often have grapefruit while wearing my cords. Do like the 2 child policy. it’s the big fucker in the room that rarely gets discussed. Not sure if I’ve already written this but one of the things I remember from A level biology is that all organisms will increase in number exponentially if unchecked by predators, resources, disease etc. We are in the midst of this now:

Different graphic Tim, but don’t show me your bourgeois graph which just show what you want to show; who let bleedin’ Brand into this blog?

So it seems pretty simple and obvious to me, we need to curtail current human population growth, so:

Manifesto 13:

  • the current rate of human population growth must be reduced, maybe through a 2 child policy.

So as my date with Varian approaches:

Confusion is dripping so fast
On those with the suits and the ties
Soon they’ll ask maybe
Me and my lady
We are the X-ray of life (Blackfield – X-Ray)

Keep on keeping on love Duncan


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