Well slap those banker’s wrists.

Sat in my cord shirt, cord trousers, cord slippers, cord cap and gobbling some grapefruit.

Just returned from second dose of X-rays, felt less claustrophobic but still found it hard being pinned down. My DIY CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) seemed to help along with sniffing an essential oil mix made up by the reflexologist at the centre. Kept my eyes open this time and watched the machine slowly revolve around my head, it has to get at cancer from all sides (except top and bottom before any pedants comment). Tried to visualize the X-rays zapping the crabby cells. No side effects yet, but very early stages, except feel the need to drink more, maybe first signs of mouth drying up.

So the banks are fined and as so many are saying and thinking why aren’t these kleptos being put away for fraud? One estimate I read today has the Forex fraud making about £4 trillion (anyone got a ‘better’ estimate?) so a £2 billion fine is about 0.2%. Ooooh you’re so tough Osborne you gimp faced fuck.

When I was a boy I was told that chief executives and the like were paid more because they had responsibilities, seemed reasonably fair as long as it happened. But something has shifted in the intervening years, responsibility is now devolved to minions and the CEOs concentrate more on themselves and their remuneration. One’s mind is daily boggled by their behaviour: yesterday it was revealed that the boss of Debenhams had failed to meet his targets, the company still making losses but his pay up by over 20%. Let those pitchforks fly.

Had an email from Rachael, the speech therapist who works in Kenya, and she wrote about how the sensory stuff we sent over has been used to create what is probably the first sensory room outside Nairobi. Good news hey?

When I write about people being evil I don’t use it in the biblical sense but as a word that represents badness, corruption, immorality, maliciousness, viciousness, vileness and malevolence. All terms I think we can attach to the Tories and their current policies. I understand your wish, Jo. to move away from fear and hate, I can’t do that. People like Benyon I think can be described using the words above. Already read a suggestion that Benyonism could update Rackmanism.

Surprised that others haven’t commented on Martin’s manifesto,some good stuff in there.

The photo shows what my ‘mask’ looks like, this bloke’s also got a peg in his stomach like me.

Not feeling very inspired today.

Keep on keeping on love Duncan.

PS forgot

Manifesto 15

  • anyone using literally for anything other than it’s proper literal usage will be struck dumb until they properly understand their literal crime.

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