Decapitation and more selfish driving.

So I’m strapped tight in my little plastic cage when the fine green ray begins slicing through my neck. It passes round me twice, making sure it’s passed through every bit of my neck. I sit up, my body rises but my head stays on the bed. No blood as the vessels have been cauterized. Under the circumstances maybe not that weird.

It is hard for me this radiotherapy lark, yesterday I had a large globule of thick sputum at the back of my throat I had to swallow or spit out and I desperately wanted to cough. I could do neither.

So no slut shaming after yesterday’s piece, or maybe they’re getting me elsewhere. or maybe the misogynists cannot compute and can only pour their vitriol over women? Just had email from avaaz to ban Julien Blanc have forwarded to people but if you can check out on avaaz and ban the fuck.

So record numbers of tenants have been evicted in England and Wales in the 3 months to September after introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’. As Jo is well aware of working for Citizen’s Advice things are getting worse rapidly. Still as long as Benyon has his mansion and village and benefits.

Seen on a T-shirt: “My anger management course pisses me off”.

Driving to hospital yesterday morning we caught the traffic through Sandford as many parents deliver their offspring in cars. This is something repeated all over the country and is madness. It’s already the ‘rush hour’, do we still use this term, seems more like a ‘rush day’ in many areas, and probably costs loads economically, increases pollution, creates more accidents and probably other effects. Lots of possible solutions: more and free buses and trains for young folk, encourage walking and cycling to school, education of parents as to the many downsides of driving their precious cargoes, and when are we going to get jetpacks?

Hence manifesto 17:

  • any parents who drive their children to school and have no ‘good’ reason to do so are ostracised by the local community, have to have emblazoned across their windscreens ‘I don’t give a fuck about others, I’m with Thatch; ‘there is no such thing as society’ ‘.

So FIFA, Blatter, what an appositely sounding name, time we started boycotting the world cup or similar. what an absolute farce of a ‘report’. Just another example of the corruption that seems to be endemic with our current capitalist world.

Good news, on a flight over Germany yesterday Bono’s luggage fell out. ‘With or without my trousers’.

Sorry for those who’ve heard it but here’s one of my favourite Nobo stories: between songs at a Glasgow concert Nobo starts a slow handclap and says “every time I clap my hands a child dies”, “well stop fucking clapping” came the reply.

KeEp on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Decapitation and more selfish driving.

  1. Really feeling that pain discomfort and general unpleasant weirdness, though of course not really as it were – hard for you dear Duncan. And yours of course. But how high you’re holding your head, brilliant brian still working well… Will be away for a bit, though necking in when I can – keep those fires burning, pile the wicked guys high.
    I like the words on feminism. thankyou.Keep on keep on keep on, in love.


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