Denuded pudenda.

Happy Sunday, feels good to be hospital free for the weekend. Had a good day yesterday, even though I did more than I usually do of late and expected to suffer a bit today, as fatigue is the dominant side effect currently. Glad to have finished the steroids again, really hate those little fuckers.

Went to pub to watch another ultimately disappointing rugbydisplay by England, made a pint last the game. Then watched the Scots give the all blacks a good game.

Kate and I then got dressed up for Mike’s 60th, not many others seemed to make the effort to look ‘groovy’, so Kate and i won the grooviest dressing up award, what’s the prize Mike? It was good to be out and Mike and Sal put on a good show, only regret was that I’m not up to staying late and joining in general merriment and dodgy old folk dancing. We did stay for almost 3 hours and had first red wine for 7 weeks, but who’s keeping counting? Lovely talking with people.

So one topic we touched on has stayed with me. I told Nick and David about my ‘scrotal shock’ and my smooth scrotal sac (best alliteration for a while!). Kate then went on to talk about how many young women shave and wax their their pudenda. It is now so prevalent that young men have only experienced hairless fannies. When I think about this many disturbing aspects formulate.

Why do women do this? One reason is that it is another aspect of how women primp and preen their bodies to ‘make themselves more attractive’. The advent of the internet means that young people are able to see any number of pornographic images online, and apparently most women have glabrous genitalia. So women think they are more attractive being hairless.

Young men express a preference for the hairless and ask/demand that women depilate themselves. This for me is the most worrying aspect as it seems as if they want women to look prepubescent and paedophilia raises it’s ugly head. Perhaps it somehow removes the power from women that might come with sexual maturity, one natural way that it is manifest is through pubic hair. Apparently young men are doing it as well, so young people are having sexual relations when both are genitally hairless, something I find definitely weird.

Beyond the sexual politics, paedophilic overtones there is a serious health issue. There is a reason for pubic hair. Removal in itself is painful, it also increases the chances of contracting STDs and other infections. The removal can cause abscesses and unsightly and painful boils. I think this a serious feminist issue and one that’s not been greatly discussed yet. Let’s hear it for the bush!

So a report out tomorrow outlining how all the Tory tax and welfare policies have favoured the rich and denuded the poor and less well off, done by LSE and University of Essex economists, it is an independent research study. Surprising eh?

Another article in the Observer reinforces my view that it’s the bosses who should be hammered when any wrongdoing is uncovered or revealed. With the bleedin’ bankers we hear of the Libor scam, PPI miss-selling, laundering drug and crime money  and now the forex fleecing but only the odd ‘rogue trader’ gets done. These CEOs are supposed to be responsible for their companies but with only the bottom line being the arbiter has distorted their perceptions. They should be held responsible, lets have a public vote on the most egregious example of CEO irresponsibility and do one of these bastards..

Manifesto 19:

  • a rolling programme of public votes on the guilt or otherwise of bank CEOs with regard to not doing their job in preventing fraud, theft, corruption, piracy, looting, extortion, embezzlement, larceny, lying, cheating and any other wrong and bad things. A public committee will decide say 3 candidates and list their failings, public then choose 1 and then decide on their guilt and punishment. After all it’s our money they’ve mis-appropriated.

listen to this…/paul-mason-video-banks-channel-4-econo

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Denuded pudenda.

  1. Nice one Duncan, up the bush!! Tee hee!!! Seriously, I get young women who aren’t even sexually active coming to have all the hair removed, they have to steel themselves for weeks apparently, why?? Nothing wrong with a bit of tending to the lady garden, but all off, no thanks. Good news, Benyon has backed down thanks to the new era estate group, whoopee!! People power rules!! Maybe there is hope yet. xxxxxxxxx


  2. Lovely to have you Groovy cats round for the Wise Elders gathering. Your prize is coming…………….
    Totally agree with you on your Pubic View. It’s a very upside down world in which there is a copious amount of beardiness for the male whereas the hirsute armpit and Venus mound seems to be in decline among the ladies.
    Keep on keeping on. Love,
    Gorge W Bush x


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