I want Podemos here.

Fatigue really kicking in, found it very hard getting up this morning. Mike drove me so he had a little taste of my cancerous world. He was very impressed by swiftness of being seen. Had meeting with consultant, somewhat alarming when he said scan from last week showed a couple of ‘nodules’ in my lung, fuck not lung cancer as well I said, he reassured me that it wasn’t cancerous but he wasn’t sure what they were, probably related to my cough and some infection. Will be checked out in future.

Then meeting with the ‘peg’ nurse, nurse peggy, the alien thing in my stomach. Felt really squeamish, she pulled the tube out a bit and cleaned it, bit pussy, then removed stitches, less pain now. Then showed me how to do the weekly maintenance emptying and filling the balloon and rotating it. Feels really weird messing around with this tube that goes into my stomach.

So a positive article by Owen Jones about how the left can “adapt and thrive in this crisis”. He writes mainly about Podemos, a left wing party that’s only be formed this year, has won seats in the European elections and is now leading opinion polls. One pleasing aspect is that it’s adopting strategies very different to our own ‘grinning gargoyle’ and the UKIP approach of blaming immigrants; the other. As Jones describes the GG: “an ex-city broker who wants to stick it to the man by privatising public services, slashing taxes on the rich, and attacking British workers’ rights”. How many UKIP supporters actually know and understand this?

In contrast Podemos argue that ordinary Spanish folk should not be paying the price, as with our current austerity bollocks. It emphasises a ‘bottom up, democratic’ approach and political priorities are discussed and decided online (like my idea to decide which CEOs get done). Also they are attempting to do things differently, responding to the changed times but especially via using different language – see, language is so important. They preach ‘public control and accountability’; now that would be good as a teacher who’s been ‘accountable’ for so much and so long it would be a pleasure to have the kleptos, the Tories and other ‘old guard’ politicians, the media moguls, the ‘establishment’, the landowners and any others you care to add to the list made properly accountable. And as Jones ends the piece why can’t we have representatives who set their ” sights on the powerful, rather than the poor”, rather than the absolute bollocks that is UKIP.

Meanwhile condom features Cameron is sounding off about another looming crisis, as if the majority of folk in this country have not had a continual crisis with his policies. And his ‘red lights flashing’ are the ones that have been around for a while with the kleptos, the neoliberal policies, and the banksters.

Spoke with my uncle Barry last night, he said he was considering buying Boris de Pfeffel twatfaces’s book about Churchill. 5 minutes later after my tirade against the fraudulent one he thought maybe he wouldn’t. But of course we should still have free speech.

So as Paul Mason suggests maybe we should encourage all those who suppress their racist, bigoted thoughts because of political correctness to not hide behind PCness and express themselves more openly and that they can then be challenged for the dinosaurs that they are. But then again maybe we should be sensitive to their feelings and not be ‘bigotphobic’.

See that Benyon’s pulled his company out of the New Era estate in Hoxton, result for public pressure. Trouble is Westbrook Partners ( an American private property investment, I mean theft, group) who now own the estate still plan to get rid of affordable tenancies.

So started reading book from Jo (not TA) called ‘ mindfulness-based cancer recovery’, have lots of free time to practice meditation and mindfulness so thanks Jo. Will report on any progress, now who’s eaten my fucking raisin?

Manifesto 20:

  • free jetpacks for those with cancer

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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