Time to boycott the ‘modern game’.

Having a lovely sleep, had slept through to after 5 for the first time since treatment began, when a wave of nausea swept from my gut. It awoke me immediately and after initial nausea had settled I looked at the alien protruding from my belly. The retaining disc had moved and the tube seemed to be coming out. Nurse Peggy had reminded me on Monday that if this were the case then I had to get to A & E with my spare peg as soon as possible. Hated waking Kate but we were at the hospital within half an hour with me holding the tube in.

Doctors had a play with the tube and ascertained that balloon hadn’t burst or deflated so they did some basic maintenance and all seemed OK. Concerns that I do have an infection and swab taken. Also checked that tube was actually in stomach by drawing off some liquid, ph 1.5, so pretty sure it was stomach stuff.

Got home around 7.45, in time to see kids off to school. Then waited for phlebotomist, great word isn’t it? to take blood sample for trip to chemo bar tomorrow, can’t have chemo if blood cell counts too low. We then drove back to hospital for daily visit to the radiotherapy saloon. Little claustrophobia this time, I actually fell asleep!

Finally back home and Kate gave me a facial after which I fell asleep and woke refreshed. So Kate drove me to hospital twice and then gave me a wonderful facial, I am so lucky, Kate is absolutely brilliant.

So I watched some of the England/Scotland footie last night. For a change it was a good game played with passion from both sides. Felt like a throwback to the good old days. I, as I’m sure many others are also, am really fed up with modern football. For many years so many aspects of the ‘modern game’ have corrupted and despoiled it. Yet it retains a hold over so many, especially men, and seems to blind them to what is happening and how they are being used and abused. A quote from Terry Eagleton sums up my thoughts:

““[F]or the most part football these days is the opium of the people, not to speak of their crack cocaine. Its icon is the impeccably Tory, slavishly conformist Beckham. The Reds are no longer the Bolsheviks. Nobody serious about political change can shirk the fact that the game has to be abolished. And any political outfit that tried it on would have about as much chance of power as the chief executive of BP has in taking over from Oprah Winfrey”

I’d amend it a little in that I think it’s the current capitalist bastard offspring that needs abolishing. Just look at FIFA and Blatter, having a future world cup in a country where HUNDREDS (if not more) of workers have already died constructing stadia and who are working under slave conditions, the corruption associated with the multinationals, the exploitation of so many people and nations, the pusillanimous, greedy and self-serving FA, it’s sexism and racism, clubs being bought up by rapacious kleptos, Newcastle owned by a fucker who has most of his workers on zero hour contracts where a woman recently gave birth to a baby at a Sports Direct warehouse and left it there because she was scared about losing her job, owners who are criminal kleptos (Cellini at Leeds), Babylon United just a massive marketing machine, and, of course, Mourinho.

I could go on and look forward to anyone who is willing to try and defend the ‘modern game’ and engage in discourse.

I still enjoyed the game last night, but mainly because it felt like a throwback.

So, a great letter, well great to me, In today’s paper where the writer would like a booklet “identifying everything that used to be a public service or utility that is now a nice little earner for some private company – along with an assessment of how much PUBLIC money goes to these companies, which ministers and MPs are ‘sponsored by them’ and how much we subsidise their low paid workers”..Or maybe it could be one of the Guardian’s wall charts which we could add to?

So, did you know where all our money comes from? No not much from government or central banks. Apparently 97% comes form commercial banks in the form of loans.

Manifesto 22:

  • nicked this form Mark Thomas’ radio manifesto programme. At the end of footie games each players’ wages are put in a bag which is placed on the centre circle one at a time. The player then walks to the centre circle and the crowd either cheer or boo according to the  player’s performance, only taking it if they are applauded enough. Would be fun.

So, seems like I’ve been viewed in every continent (no pedantry with South America and Antarctica) as had a viewing in Jordan today.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Time to boycott the ‘modern game’.

  1. Glad you had a good sleep and got the alien sorted out. Religion was the opium of the people, but there was obviously more money to be made with drugs or footie. Germany’s approach encourages ownership by fans resulting in big crowds and cheap tickets. Capitalism reared it’s head when 2 tickets for James Taylor were on sale for £300 quid. Ouch! You say you want a revolution ….
    Keep on old chum,
    Che x


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