Kafala, financialisation and bon bouche.

Sat in the chemo bar, have already had saline, steroids and now the stuff that makes me piss a lot before the toxic cisplatin. Had a marvelous foot massage from the reflexologist, asked her which bit of the foot was for the foot (according to reflexology every part of of the body is connected to different parts of the feet), she gave the best answer yet – all of the foot.

Had a good night’s sleep at last and at least one before the shitty steroids kick in. Already sent Kate an advance sorry text for my steroid fueled moods and behaviour.

So any defence of modern footie forthcoming? Silly old Hector suggested Germany, all well and good for them but does that mean you’re now going to support Hoffenheim? See it’s the same with athletics as the 2019 world athletics championships have been awarded to Doha; in Qatar they operate something called kafala which is a system used in the middle east for migrant workers, it is effectively a modern form of slavery. Modern slavery for the modern game in our modern world. Keep the opiates coming matron.

Oxymoron of the day: FIFA’s ethics committee.

So Myleene, why didn’t we hear your thoughts on the ‘bedroom tax’?

Just viewed a comic strip in G2 by Ian Williams about “When health tracking gadgets go bad”, funny and probably prescient.

So we’ve been watching the very classy ‘The Fall’ with Gillian Anderson. Some are suggesting, such as Rachel Cook, that it’s misogynist and glamorising violence against women. She definitely has a point but there is the counter argument that there is much violence by men against women and the programme merely reflects this. But maybe it also perpetuates this tragic trope and men continue to act out the aggressors and women the victims. Chatting with Kate about this and she wants a broader and truer picture to be painted such as portrayals of women as the aggressor and perpetrator. There are undoubtedly such women, I was married to one (perhaps I’ll write a book about this), but too many people are unable or unwilling to think of women behaving like this. Remember when it was the last taboo to realise that women can be paedophiles as well?, maybe it still is for many. There is also the very warped thinking that portraying or revealing the dark side of women somehow gives them the power and control typically reserved for men. But basically as women should have proper equality alongside men, they should also be equally portrayed as bad like men.

So the New Era estate is owned by an American investment firm. Why? To make money of course, to make money out of property in London, it’s called ‘financialisation’. Another manifestation of our capitalist world as people’s homes become just another financial instrument of the kleptos, really is the cost of everything and the value of nothing. Must as well recognise the Brand doing good as he climbed scaffolding outside Richard Benyon’s brother’s house to hang a sign saying “social housing not social cleansing”. To really emphasise how fucked our particular country is Aditya Chakrabortty’s article highlighted how there are Singaporeans who own and make rental money from London property whilst living in public housing in Singapore. Singapore, that socialist hotbed, recognises the badness off ‘financialising’ housing and since 2009 has done a great deal to prevent this including punitive levies on foreign buying. What do our politicos do for their people here? Really let those pitchforks fly.

So how do you eat your food? Is it the best bit scarfed first or do you save it ’til last? Do you rotate through the different foods or mix them up? I rotate and mix them up but always save my most favourite for last and finish with a climax. This last forkful is called the ‘bon bouche’, I’ll remember this term, I like it. And it will be something for me to look forward to after my probable loss of taste, some would say I’ve never had any taste anyway.

Anyway an easy one for Manifesto 23

  • no more financialisation of property that is used for people’s homes alongside a massive public housing programme. Let’s at last reverse the onslaught that Thatcher began and reclaim the social well being and common good of our country through decent housing for everyone (even Myleene and Griff).

‘Cos Steadman’s a genius and well, it’s obvious.

So farewell Jimmy and what does become of the broken hearted?

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “Kafala, financialisation and bon bouche.

  1. Dunc you old git. I have found your blog so emotionally distressing I have had to write. Myleene Klaas is less bright than I had imagined – such a shame. You will be telling me that Jennifer Aniston is vacuous next.
    Anyhow, what are we going to do about Nitram? His manifesto list was superb in my honest opinion. I disagreed on a couple of his statements but, generally, I could align with most of them. Trouble is, he’s a member of the Tory party and I’m in the SNP! As an old friend of both of us, who’s fucked up?
    As for your growing manifesto, it is now getting way more substance to it than Ferago’s – so, what’s your party going to be called? Shouldn’t we have a conference in the spring to thrash out some detailed policies – after all, you already live at the seaside and that’s where all the best conferences are held.
    And as for grammar schools…. that’s a bit of a tricky one for me since I went to one and, I suppose, it did move me up a class or two! (Probably why I don’t have anything in common with my Dad anymore!) I remember with great fondness the day that the local comprehensive yobbos (who used to beat us up for no apparent reason that I could understand at the time but I like your idea that it was ideologically motivated) spray-painted on the pavement outside our school entrance “Grammer are wankers”. We added a tiny ‘sp’ above the word “grammer”. Oh, how we smirked.
    ….reminds me of the time that one of our local Dumfries ‘gangs’ sprayed their tag “YT” on my garage door ( ‘Young Team’, apparently) where they tended to hang out. I added to it so that for many months it read “KY Jelly”. I enjoyed the idea of them standing next to it, quaffing their Buckie oblivious to the gay reference…..
    And your football beef. Do what droves of fans are doing – go and watch your local team play in the Helen’s Petfoods League (or somesuch). Watching football at ground level and at our age you will marvel at their ability to run onto the pitch, let alone hit the ball reasonably accurately 50 yards.
    By the way, when you’ve both realised that the South is irredeemable, give me the nod and I will look out for a lovely detached old farmhouse up here for around £6.50 for you. Many of your ideas will go down well with my fellow SNPites.
    Keep taking the drugs…as we used to say.
    Vlad the Impala XX


  2. sorry to distress you, maybe you should cancel your sky contract. I agree with you on martin’s manifesto, which makes me think he’s a fifth columnist? and that’s one of the problems discussing grammars as former pupils do appreciate that it helped them, trouble is it is at a wider societal cost. any manifesto suggestions gratefully plagiarised.


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