African aid for Britain.

Feeling fatigued, steroidal disturbed sleep but have weekend break from the radio saloon. There is an up side to the steroids, literally. Shit I’ve used literally but I think it’s OK in this case as a side effect of the steroids there was upward movement in my groin area last night!

Lying on the table in the radio saloon and bleedin’ christmas music comes on, it’s a long time to christmas day and this increasingly long lead in is detrimental in so many ways.

So thinking of christmas I’m not happy with the band aid re-release. There has been quite a bit of debate, black artists have declined to participate and various people, mainly black, have said it’s patronising and “perpetuating a “white saviour narrative”. Having thought about this I agree, even the title is crap: “Do they know it’s Christmas”, they probably do and probably have a very different take to us on it and have more pressing concerns than buying presents to service our klepto capitalism in memory of a dead Palestinian who probably wouldn’t be overly happy in what’s being done in his name. Meanwhile a bunch of white solipsistic, self-regarding musos (including Nobo of course) fueled as much by self-aggrandisement continue their patronising and mis-representation of Africa.

But it’s for charity, the money goes to fighting the ebola crisis. Well why not just donate to an ebola based charity?

Pleased to see that a bunch of African musicians have created “Africa Stop Ebola” which actually raises awareness of ebola and gives practical advice to people. This is more like it. Even 30 years ago and since people have raised the patronising nature of band aid, but St Bob and Nobo seem deaf to this, maybe they see themselves as 19th century missionaries to the “dark continent” with a similar blinkered approach.

So perhaps some African musicians could create a charity single to raise awareness and money for the massive increase in food banks in this country, Africa for Food Aid in Britain?

Driving back from hospital yesterday, thanks Alison, we were stuck in a queue of traffic behind a tractor. Alison said that he, the tractor driver, just drives his tractor around Swanage but apparently never pulls over and causes tailbacks. I immediately thought him selfish, and reflecting today still do. Oh but he’s a character, no he’s not, he’s an egotistical, selfish person. It’s a yellow tractor, anyone who reads this know his name? I’m going to let his tyres down.

Rider: Duncan is under the influence of steroids, anything he is currently writing is out of his control.

So, haven’t written about the carpetbagging beardy lately. He’s claimed never to have met the dead pilot: untrue. He stated that the pilot, Michael Alsbury, worked for “Scaled Composites” and thus attempted to create distance from Virgin Atlantic. Sums the twatface up.

Mark suggested yesterday about creating some sort of party using the expanding manifesto, wanted to know what we could call it. Well, the poncy me, wants to call it The Socratic Party featuring the Real Duncan Smith and not the evil, lying Ian Duncan Smith. Catchy eh? Remember I’m on steroids.

Manifesto 24:

  • No Christmas music to be played in public or via TV, radio or any other media until 2 (any advance?) weeks before christmas day (some exceptions such as local christmas markets).

For my American friends.

If you haven’t heard it already check out Tim Minchin’s ‘Drinking white wine in the sun’, an excellent christmas record.

Keep on keeping on, love steroidal Duncan.


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