Feeling crap

Lovely, crisp, cold and sunny day. Really enjoy drive to and from hospital as the autumnal colours are stunning, especially on such a day. Lifts the spirits which need lifting at the moment, two thirds through treatment and feels like it’s been endless. Now waking at night with dry and sore mouth as the x-rays really begin their collateral damage. Still eating and drinking OK. Consultant says to keep eating, drinking and talking as much as possible. So a day of action by NHS workers today. The union bully boys and girls daring to strike for an outrageous 1% pay rise. MPs getting 11%, RBS executives their £400,000 annual fix, how long does the average health worker have to work before getting that amount? Say 15 years, and that’s just for a little fixed perk for those oh so valuable and important masters of the universe wankers. So, thinking about the state of housing in this increasingly benighted country of ours, especially in the metropolis. All very well for the kleptos and co but of course it is increasingly difficult for the majority of workers: house prices and rentals rocketing, landlords increasing rents and poor tenant protection, housing estates being ‘financialised’, continuing council house sales and very little being built. All of which means that there will be an increasing dearth of working people in the city to do all the important work that keeps any community going. Or have Boris and chums got plans in place to create workhouses and the like for the poor and immigrants? Maybe some sort of kafala system? Jo writes in her latest comment of how in France there is much greater tenant protection, subsidised public transport and help with season tickets for workers who have to commute. So much more civilised than our tawdry, mean and reactionary government and acolytes in the media, business world and the like. Anyone listen to Today this morning and Humphries interview with the Polish ambassador. He really showed up Humphries for the shallow and reactionary interviewer and presenter that he’s become, have a listen on iplayer or whatever, it was rather refreshing. Sadly feeling very tired and lacking inspiration to write today, so brief manifesto 27

  • put John Humphries out to grass.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Feeling crap

  1. I love you my beautiful man, keep on keeping on, it will be okay, we will get out the other side of this and laugh again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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