Egg faced

Sat in the chemo bar with 3 fellow female imbibers and all female nurses. Woke up this morning with a very dry mouth, so it’s changed already from producing lots of mucus to very little, seems like the one salivary gland has already been put out of action. Throat also very sore, must get into the habit of taking painkillers, it is something that doesn’t come easily, I’m sure this is quite common.

Had the steroids already.

Still feel a little queasy, nothing to do with the 2 big cream cakes I had yesterday.

Drive to hospital absolutely stunning again, bright sunshine, still, crisp and lots of moody mist. Also an incredible cloud formation: it stretched for many miles,was uniform in height and looked like a cliff face.

I might have to stop listening to the Today programme in the mornings, not good for my blood pressure. This morning it was some reactionary economics/business presenter interviewing a union man about the awarding of the East Coast rail franchise to Stagecoach cowboys and Beardy carpetbagger. This person was playing devil’s advocate to an excessive degree, was patronising to his interviewee and may have been better described as a spokesperson for government/big business. For example he started by saying it’s good news for everyone with the announcement, that it will be good for government finances and any criticism of cowboys and beardy slapped down by the BBC apologist saying they weren’t there to defend themselves. The union bloke was excellent, put toady in his place, pointed out some salient facts instead of the lickspittle’s propaganda, called beardy a tax exile and more.

Is there some irony in that beardy’s company is called Virgin yet has fucked us all over?

Sorry, I tried to write a more upbeat, ‘positive’ blog and here I go again ranting about something or other.

According to a letter in today’s Mail, no not really, it’s in the Guardian: JM Keynes said in 1929 that he was in favour of banksters being paid a lot as he’d noted their somewhat psychopathic behaviour and this money prevented them drifting off into their normal habitat of organised crime.

Just one observation about Jack Monroe and her having a go at condom Cameron for using his disabled son in speeches etc: Gordon Brown never used the death of his son in such a manner.

I am acutely aware that I bang on about politics, inequality and the totally ‘Inadequate Despicable Stool’,  know that I’m easily caricatured as a grumpy old man, but I have for as long as I can remember been this way and until I achieve enlightenment will remain this way.

Just been speaking to Karen, my key nurse, spoke about a wide range of things including the more psychological effects of having cancer and undergoing very invasive, aggressive  and bodily altering treatments. Whilst no major enlightenment occurred it helped to talk and she left saying keep on doing what you’re doing, sort of reinforces the keep on keeping on.

Boris de Pfeffel twatface’s sister Rachel tweeted: ‘David Cameron why are you such an egg faced cunt?’ She claims to have been hacked but it’s still very funny. And why is Cameron such an egg faced cunt?

A pie chart: time had a pie chart in this blog, it’s one of my favourite diagrams. This one was created by Richard Murphy (it’s from Huffington Post : ‘The Personal Tax Statement George Osborne Doesn’t Want You to See’). Bondage George’s recent pie chart about our tax spend attempted to show how much was being spent on welfare and was extremely disingenuous. Mr Murphy’s tries to show a truer picture, and if it’s a true representation makes interesting ‘reading’: bank subsidies 4.21% (about £40 billion), unemployment benefit 0.67%. But the picture painted by Cameron and co and their friends in the media is that we’re spending much larger amounts on unemployment benefit. In fact, it would seem that more than 6 times as much susidises the banksters. This is just one bit of the pie chart, if you can be arsed find others for yourselves. Would be useful countering the grinning gargoyle as well. Much ado to-do about the confusion egg face and co promulgate. Pick the bones out of that sentence!

Ooh Tim, 2 images in 1 blog.

Manifesto 30:

  • Beardy Branson, the carpetbagging tax exile, to be banned from any business that involves public money. Then see how he manages to make any money without any public subsidies.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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