The nazi test.

Felt pretty down yesterday. After hospital Kate and I went to Waitrose, I fancied a bacon butty so bought some expensive bacon and white rolls. Also picked up a few other treats I like the taste of such as a mature Comte and a range of ice creams. Back at home I made the butties and eagerly bit into them – nothing, I could barely taste anything. It may as well have been cardboard or a Big Mac. I felt very sad, I keep picking at different foods but there is now very little taste. When I tell people this there are broadly two responses; one group say “you’ll get it back”, “it won’t be for long”, the other say “I can’t imagine that” or “how awful”. I prefer the latter response. I know it will come back, although for a very few people it doesn’t, but for me now it is very depressing. It feels worse than losing my hair.

The ‘not so side, more full-frontal effects’ of treatment appear to be affecting me more psychologically than physically: physical  pains can be managed and pass the psychological pains are harder to manage.

Have resolved to get a load of the nutrition feeds, or whatever they’re called, when I see nutritionist on Monday and pour them down my gullet for as long as I can swallow. Also told Kate that I will have to stop torturing myself going to Waitrose, looking at all the food and drink, especially with the Christmas buildup, is ………………..stop your pathetic middle class whinging, enough already.

So have any of you watched the PPE microfilm? If so I’m keen to know what you thought.

David’s idea of a spoof Iain Duncan Smith blog is coming off the back burner and I’m hoping we’ll get it started in a week or two. Have working title of ‘The real Iain Duncan Smith by the real Duncan Smith’.

Come on Martin try and defend the fucker.

Already read most of the Guardian and not much has inspired me to write or rant, wonder what that’s about? Is it a boring edition or am I just looking for stuff that reinforces my prejudices? Maybe I’ll have a shooftie  at the Mail website.

So I have and there’s a piece about my local hospital with headlines of ‘NHS advises parents to feed their children junk food’.  Well, it is true and the Mail trot out predictable comments by nutrition experts condemning this. What of course is not explored is that this advice is only given to a very few mothers who have children who are having problems moving on from liquid to solid foods and that such junk foods might help the process, whilst of course supporting parents with further moves towards healthy eating. How easily the Mail presents a distorted image. They prey on encouraging people to make quick judgments which reinforce their predisposing prejudices, bit like me reading the Guardian earlier.

This Mail stuff links with a piece by Deborah Orr that caught my fevered imagination when she discussed reactionary populism, good term eh? She thinks it the “most influential force in contemporary English politics”. Further that it is an oxymoron and makes no sense: “a reactionary wants to return to class certainties” and a populist “claims to defend the people against elites”. Now who might be the key player of this reactionary populism, this oxymoronic senselessness, this cognitive dissonance, this pandering to xenophobia? The grinning gargoyle of course.

Good one from The Huffington Post as dear old Tebbit has updated his cricket test to checking UK migrants which side their grandparents fought on in the war. He could start with the mail in the 30’s and the Tory appeasers at the start of the war and the various MPs and royals who have a prediliction for wearing nazi uniforms, the various right wing groups already in this country who support nazi ideals, coca cola, Lord Darlington, Allianz, IBM, Chase Bank, Ford, Nestle, King Edward VIII, many American and some British companies and businessmen did very well during the war working with the nazis. So Norm, shall we start by naming all these people and companies and then throwing them out of the country? You ignorant old thug.

Manifesto 32:

  • educate people about reactionary populism and increase self awareness and understanding, throwing off the chains of ignorance and put Tebbit in the stocks.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


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