Swiss sterility.

Pretty full day for me yesterday, outing to pub for rugby and then to Kate and Tim’s for cream tea. Mike kindly came with me to the pub, acting as dog minder, there were 2 dogs there but both well behaved. And England won, so that was nice. Then at Kate and Tim’s, their 2 dogs are very well behaved and friendly so I feel better disposed to the woofers. When we left one of the dogs was lying on his back with his legs all held up straight, looked very funny.

Kate went for walk with Sally, they had a good time and it pleased me greatly for Kate.

Eating feeling very weird; I want to eat but am finding it hard to actually do so as I know it will either have no taste or taste weird, not as the food should. Same with drink. Swallowing is painful so this also affects the process.

So Switzerland, what to make of it. The gnomes of Zurich, home to FIFA,  neutral, Federer and referendums. They’ve had 4 major referendums this year alone, most recently on immigration restrictions which narrowly won. Means that they will be renegotiating with the EU and there will be tougher immigration rules. What caught my attention was a photo of a pro-immigration supporter holding a placard with ‘sterile’ on it. Many years ago Martin and I were in Switzerland and one of my abiding feelings about the place was that it was too clean, neat, tidy and ordered and this fueled my rebellious streak  (in truth never really far from the surface). I am normally very conscientious about rubbish, but found myself deliberately dropping litter on the Swiss streets and even stole a burger (from a Burgher), both things I never do any time elsewhere. There is something in this and I firmly believe we need bits of grit in life to learn, progress, develop and find the true pearls of life.

Neat link coming: I recently wrote about my concerns with regard to London and poorer people not being able to afford to live there. This will lead to London becoming more sterile. Figures in the paper today show that more younger people are leaving London, going to more affordable places, even Birmingham. This is good, these places will probably benefit and develop culturally, artistically, economically and socially. London will become like a Swiss canton. I actually think this a shame as I had many great years living in the metropolis and still get a buzz going there, I don’t want to go and feel I have to be a litterbug.

Manifesto 33:

  •  full and open debate about human population growth, what is happening, accurate predictions of numbers and consequences and, hopefully through consensus, a reduction in the rate of increase and a more sustainable and better future for the planet, it’s flora and fauna and our children.

Well, I finally ordered some bags for growing mushrooms yesterday along with a variety of spawn. I’m planning to set up a mushroom business. Will begin with some home based trials and have plans to expand, just need money, various resources, bit of land, customers, business plan, accountant, offshore account, remuneration committee to rubber stamp my outrageous pay and perks, including of course a very large and extremely necessary fixed allowance.

Further to my cognitive dissonance stuff the following is, I think, a brilliant example and takes irony to a new level. It is a comment by George Dale Wilkinson in response to a piece by Mehdi Hassan about immigration in the New Statesman, read it and weep:

“This is ridiculous from Medhi “Trotsky” Hassan, I moved to Spain ten years ago because I could not deal with the Open Doors that Blair opened to Immigration, I now would have a comfortable life here in Spain were it not for the often disruptive Spanish deliberately acting as if they cannot speak English when it has been taught in schools here since the 1940s, I have worked hard all my life to spend a retirement here and sometimes look back at the UK and wonder what has happened, if we are not careful we will let the (German born) Ed Miliband in through the back door, this will be a disaster for the country, I am glad I got out when I could, we need a real Tory government not the almost-Socialist shambles that is Cameron in bed with the Lib Dems, wake up!”

So, after yesterday’s ‘The Nazi Test’ title i got my first viewing from …………….Germany.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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