Let’s have the World cup in Gaza instead of Qatar

First an apology as in yesterday’s piece I stated that the Swiss referendum on immigration was won by the anti-immigrants when in fact they were soundly beaten, so maybe not so sterile Swiss.

It’s reaching the really hard stage of treatment now and will continue getting harder for the next 10 days or so. My throat is really beginning to be damaged by the X-rays: swallowing is increasingly painful, eating and drinking are no longer at all pleasurable, mouth and throat constantly sore. Have a constant pain relieving regime and will begin using fortisip to keep me fed and fortified. Healthy eating pretty much goes out the window as it’s just whatever I can get down. Constantly feeling fatigued, falling asleep at any time, including when sat in consulting room today waiting to see consultant. He did say everything going to plan re treatment and my body’s response, just the pain and psychological effects to deal with.

Did the weekly service on my alien stomach peg today pretty much on my own (overseen by district nurse) so will be doing solo from next week. There has been some weird movement of my peg, especially when lying in bed, and Kate felt it yesterday, and it is somewhat disconcerting. Told the nutritionist today and she said it’s the stomach trying to move it on, makes sense as there is this balloon thing in the stomach so it does it’s normal peristalsis.

Went out for a short walk yesterday, Kate and I drove to Corfe Castle then walked up Challow Hill, a steep climb, great views from the top. My body coped quite well.

So I joined a new movement yesterday, sort of compensates for my currently reduced bowel movements. There was an article in The Observer about this bloke Simon Anholt and his good country party which has developed from his work creating ‘the good country index’ which simply tries to measure how much each country contributes to earthly well being. The idea is that globalisation  (as in worldwide integration and development) is then used in supra-national ways to try and sort national and international problems. It is an attempt to move away from the very nationalistic way that states and countries behave, and is certainly the antithesis of the dangerous movements such as UKIP. Check out the rather lovely goodcountry.org website: “To those in power who believe that only strength counts, and that people are always self-interested, I say “We tried it your way, and it didn’t work. Let’s try something new.”.

Manifesto 34:

  • globalisation for the benefit of all not just the greedy few.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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