Lets have female ejaculation depicted in embroidery.

Sat for the penultimate time in the chemo bar. Feeling very tired and quite weird. The steroids are having their usual effects and also had a spell of itching/tingling.  Feel very discombobulated and disconnected. Just had lunch and was able to eat all of it, although it was a light lunch of a bit of minestrone, small omelette and chocolate mousse, could actually taste it a little – let’s hear it for hospital food.

I’m just over half way through radiotherapy.

After the viewing of this blog from someone in Germany after writing about Tebbit’s nazi test I have been thinking about what words/phrases/topics might get viewings in different countries. Tried Gaza 2 days ago, no new countries but there was a high number of viewings from very few visitors the day after, I thought maybe a Mossad checker checking on all my writing?

Listened to radio discussion about a project with prisoners learning how to sew and embroider, run by a charity called Fine Cell Work. This has become popular with prisoners and has a range of benefits for them, including earning some money (works out at about 30p/hour). The expected mix of reaction to this with some thinking they should get nothing to those saying they should be paid more, they just need punishment and giving them the opportunity to develop a skill and concomitant improvements in self-esteem, hope and discipline. So overall I think it a good thing and sadness that there are still so many reactionary people in the world who need some love to help them become better people before they die.

The prisoners earn very little money and one thing they use the money for is phone calls. Apparently phone charges for prisoners are much higher than out in the free(dom to exploit) world. Think this very unfair but confirms the way companies and increasingly privatised services behave. It’s the bottom line stupid, for fuck’s sake Duncan, get with the programme.

Created an outline for my book and wrote the first chapter yesterday.

Just heard on the news about the latest racist police on black outrage with the death of Eric Garner that they’re thinking of pursuing the line that his ‘human rights’ were violated. His humanity was violated, he was killed. He was killed most probably because a policeman had him in a headlock that was supposed to be banned. Then the ‘grand jury’ (who they?) grandly pronounced that they would not indict the policeman. American racial politics are deeply fucked, they are still way off moving on from the days of slavery.

If any of you can be bothered check out some of the commentators on the like of Fox News, they say shit like “these black kids are criminals”, subtext, actually not so sub as overt, therefore they got what was coming to them. This equates with the reactionaries over here and their views about prisoners I mentioned earlier. How do we educate these people?

Manifesto 36:

  • all prisons and prisoners to have good education and work schemes and no more exploitation of public services by private kleptos. All to be non-profit.

Anyone checked out the new 2014 Audiovisual Media Services Regulations which lists sexual practices deemed not acceptable in UK porn? Seemingly arbitrary and random: no power tools for some reason, but a pattern does emerge and, surprise surprise, it allows male stuff such as penis ejaculation but not female ejaculation.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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