Fat cats make us fat.

Beautiful sunny day in Swanage, bit chilly but a good day to go to a place called Arne and get ourselves a Christmas tree. Arne is an RSPB reserve with a lot of moorland so it helps their moorland management to get rid of fir trees, so on this day many locals go to get their trees. Hope it’s not like Black Friday, could be even more dangerous with all those cutting and chopping implements.

Well I have to say that at the beginning of this week I was expecting to be a lot worse than I am now, Still eating and drinking, painkillers keeping pain manageable, can still just taste a few things and keeping occupied. One thing occupying me is reading and especially on the interweb and thus far my favourites are: The New Inquiry, Huffington Post, Guardian, Laurie Penny, and thesaurus. Trouble is the sheer volume and my distractability, so one has to develop some sort of discipline but not lose the old serendipitous element.

So, on looking at the Huff was drawn to articles about Russell Brand and the Sun. As you may, or may not, have noticed this week the Sun attempted to have a go at Brand for being a hypocrite over housing after his New Era stuff in Downing street on Monday, they made it very personal in that crappy Sun way. Well I take one of my now numerous hats off to Mr Brand as he’s having a real go at Murdoch and the Sun:

Still not able to put direct links in, advice gratefully received, but just highlight, right click and search interweb to play Trews News and Brand saying a lot of things that are true and I agree with. In previous blogs I’ve stated what petty little things I do: hide the pile of Suns in the Co-Op, boycott Swanage News, well maybe we should just boycott the Sun and every other klepto run big corporation’s products. It’s actually quite simple, their raison d’etre is to make money so if we the mug consumer punters simply stop giving them our hard earned and tax paid monies then we can fuck them over. Trouble is I doubt any readers of this blog ever buy the shitty rag anyway, butt we could boycott places that sell it and patronisingly inform our fellows who do buy it about what Murdoch is really like. Bet a fair few of you have Sky though, are you happy with the thought that you are helping subsidise such a malign and corrupt character as the ‘dirty digger’?

So continuing the theme of corrupt corporations I’ve been reading more about the food business and obesity. We have an obese epidemic that is sweeping the world, and there is increasing evidence linking fast food, food production corporation corruption and obesity ( and other co-morbid disorders, notably diabetes which now takes up 10% of NHS spend and rising). Last year Mexico quietly overtook the USA as the fattest nation, not because the Yanks have started slimming but the Mexicans have got fatter. In 1994 the USA imposed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), it did boost Mexican trade but Mexico lost it’s ‘food sovereignty’. Mexico is the world’s home of corn and it had been the backbone of it’s food culture. Corn has also become a staple of American food business, but with GM monoculture, unlike the diverse Mexican breeds of corn grown by many local farmers. Guess what? most of these small farmers are now out of business and Mexico has been flooded with cheap American products:

“But these cheap products didn’t just shut down farms and swell Mexico City’s slums. Studies by the liberal Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) show that the rise in obesity correlates exactly with NAFTA, that NAFTA’s trade liberalization lead to a proliferation of cheap processed meat, soda, sugary drinks, animal products, fats, and sweeteners in Mexican stores and homes.” ( The New Inquiry, Weight Gains).

Further evidence that this neoliberal shit makes the world sick.

The brilliance of our current capitalist corruption is that these corporations then develop the diet industry, such that in Yankland it is now twice as big as the film industry, which of course increasingly reinforces the food and diet industries in wonderful symbiosis. Look at how we sit through interminable adverts before the film you’ve come to see starts, poor Kate gets fed up with my increasing moaning as I sit through this propaganda and also get irritated by other folk stuffing their faces with……..popcorn!  And product placement gets ever more prevalent in films and TV, aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s everywhere, is there no escape?

So, these giant corporations have sewn up food production feeding us shit, they provide the ‘answers’ with dietary bollocks, all reinforced by the media propaganda. Now they’re inveigling their way into our ever increasingly privatised NHS, and with the corporations trying to impose TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) which, among other things, will allow these corporations to sue governments for not allowing them to carry out their thievery. Check out this very dangerous TTIP, it will make our lives worse and the kleptos even richer.


Manifesto 37:

  • any corporate proposals, such as TTIP, to go before a proper representation of the people, not the supine parliament we have that is stuffed with the ‘squalid mush’ of the privately educated.

Oh happy days, I’m off to try and do a random act of kindness.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


5 thoughts on “Fat cats make us fat.

  1. So called Sun speak (should called Zog or Zombie) – Morrisons online wine shop had the temerity the other day to send me an email inviting me to save the Morrisons coupons in the sun: Morrisons Black Friday (black indeed, well evil anyway) ‘Buy the sun on Thursday and get £5 off groceries’ — I emailed back saying, amongst other things: ‘daring to suggest I should purchase…. a racist, sexist rag that can not be called a newspaper.’ Fierce stuff eh from weedy commitment wimp me…..

    Agree with Mark about the quality of the wrianting (writing and ranting?)… something to be very proud of,, and glad your swallowing apparatus and buds are still somewhat functional. Wonder if when daily life eases and bon viveur indulges himself once more, the edge will go fuzzy – no matter, I look forward to the possibility that any political ‘party’ (says it all, no?) will be able to convince real people of the reality of its Justice for All intentions. Would be a wonder. (Though you might have to use social MEdia).
    Keep on keeping off the bottle for just a bit longer – hurrah chemo is finished, at last you can let your body start building its defences again, thanks to that bitter cleansing. Hope Kate is getting some sleep and rest.


  2. Thanks Jo, unfortunately have one more chemo, and you seem to suggest i’m some sort of dipso! I hope I won’t lose any edge, the way things are going I’m getting more politically aware, I’m planning to spend the rest of my life rather differently to the pre-crabby days. Have begun me book, don’t plan to ‘pay the man’ much more and good on you for ‘giving it to the man’. Kate still needs more rest but is the most brilliant wife a man could ever have. love duncan xx


  3. Glad to hear there are glimpses of light on the taste thing. I did think of suggesting experimentation with different foods but am aware such suggestions may just be annoying, so take with a pinch of salt – ha ha. It does make me think of you every time I eat or drink anything. Does that count as sympathy or just empathy? A little shared tear or two but no excessive sympathy in case it encourages feeling sorry for oneself methinks which is not a good thing generally. X

    Yes, proper representation of the people is just what we need although the ‘elected’ parliament of supine chinless wonders are also victims of a system where the people who actually exercise power and control are hidden away. That’s why they are supine – they have masters that we do not see. I think that should be manifesto 38 btw rather than 37 with which I also agree subject to further sanction should any cheating politician fail to score at least 90% on the bullshitometer.

    David Craig’s stuff is quite good (although a bit irritating / patronising) on this – http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_fb_0_11?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=david%20craig&sprefix=david+craig%2Celectronics%2C183. Apologies for supporting the kleptos here. We need alternative services to emerge. Same applies to Sky. Yes, I am afraid I still subscribe to that as well, but I am not sure boycotting is the right answer – we need ethical alternatives. Come on guys don’t sit on your arses or the kleptos will win!

    I guess the only purposes served in reality by the Houses of Parliament are:
    – For the establishment as a front to con people into thinking they have some tiny voice; and
    – For the rest of us as a little theatre of amusement.

    On the latter point there was a wonderful interchange a few years ago in the HoL with Tebbit and Lord ano. Tebbit was on some crusade about the traditional family – anti homos and single mothers and that sort of stuff. Anyway, his opponent quoted a reference from a book stating something like that in our modern times we must recognise that the traditional family model has changed etc etc. The book he was quoting from was, guess what, written by Tebbit himself. Tebbit had no idea he had even written this. Mindless puppets! But the best part was that it (the book) had been picked up for 50p from some junk shop and Lord ano delighted in telling Tebbit this.

    To address a perspective from Jo a few weeks ago, I agree we shouldn’t get angry at people – Condom Cameron or SM Osborne or Grinning Gargoyle or IDStammer or Bearded Virgin or Boris Immignorant or Clegg Pratt, Nobo, etc. They are all people and actually all victims of the system as well – maybe more than we the enlightened, eh? The anger should be directed not at them personally but at their behaviour and at the system which has created them. The question then is whether these people are reformable. In my rose coloured vision I believe they can be. It will take a lot of work, but come the revolution I think we cannot simply ‘kill them off’. I think it would be quite healthy for Cameron, Osborne, Nobo and Johnson happily to take their place in the new community as whistling street or toilet cleaners. But they are not the big targets – the members of the ‘establishment’, hidden behind closed doors, are the ones we need to concern ourselves with.

    On the question of private education, some of my relatives went to some grotesque establishment called, I think, St Paul’s. They emerged as chinless, supine, ineffective soulless ghosts. I once remarked to my father how grateful I was that he had not had more money for fear that I might have been subjected to the same fate. I think he was rather cheered by this. But these institutions are geared to ‘train’ their subjects for service of the state – politics, army or church. Their subjects are therefore not the privileged but the victims, in my view. Same theme.

    On the subject of the big cats making us fat please read Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

    The entire evil superstructure of corporate and state edifice rests on the system of taxation and pseudo taxation, taking money from the poor and giving some of it back but keeping most of it. Why not have ‘representation of the people by the people’ and community funding of community needs? I think it will happen and the massively inefficient and corrupt large state and private corporate organisations will collapse under their own weight in the face of ethical alternatives. This is nothing to do with private enterprise being better or worse than public services – they are in a deeply unholy alliance anyway. It is about hearts and minds and community and transparency, in my view. Anyway, much more work is needed on this.

    Finally, my first suggestion for the IDS blog: “Mixed day so far. Had to shake hands with lots of plebs in my ‘constituency surgery’. After it was over I headed straight for the shower and sang very loudly ‘I don’t like Mongrels’. Felt much better after that. Then had my afternoon nap and had a dream about something called the ‘Universal Debit’. Woke up in good spirits – just off to see my friends at the House of Conmens to share my dream.”


  4. You are technologically better than you think. The Russel Brand video actually ran perfectly within your blog page – so whatever you did, keep doing it. And, reluctantly, I have to admit was quietly impressed with the callow git. (Maybe I have to cut him some slack cos he is young – it did occur to me the other day that if I met a 30 year-old version of myself I would feel obliged to punch him in the face explaining that only that when he is 50 he will understand why I did that and then would completely forgive me)
    And Lung, who are these shadowy people who are the real problem and where do they do their cynical work?
    Nil-by-Murdoch XXX
    P.S. Another vote for Oryx and Crake….


  5. Yeah, I’m an accidental techno, s’pose that’s how many of us learn on these computer things. By the way thanks for the wailing wall joke and both Kate and I liked the Wilco interview. Also on reviewing a blog recently I forgot to include the Scottish nats in trying to get a different approach.


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