Sorry to all of you who’ve taken the effort to respond to the unctions vote but (is but the most powerful word in the English language? Let’s have a discussion, or not if you can’t be arsed) I’m afraid my business guru advisor, who admittedly does have more experience with this than I, advised me to drop the Duncan. Looks like it will be Kate’s Lotions now, or similar.

Here’s my Haiku Mike and it’s my very little contribution to the Grauniad’s ‘Taming Corporate Power’:

Corporations thieve

So their money and power

We have to relieve.

21st zap today, throat very sore, mentally quite angry. Too short with Kate. When she asked me about it I said I thought that it is because it’s been hitting me more lately how much my life has changed, how so many things are altered, compromised, denied and diminished. As I’ve said many times I’m also acutely aware of how much it affects Kate, she is devoting almost all her being to looking after me at the moment and I just snap at her for driving over a pothole.

So who’s side are you on: the mother with child and buggy or the disabled person? I initially sided with the disabled, and not just because of my current disability, as did many on the Jeremy Vine Show. After further reflection it should not be an either or, but how we best accommodate both. Perhaps this is just another example of how divisive a society we’ve become.

Missed the bulk of Atal Gawande’s 3rd Reith Lecture this morning but heard most of the post-lecture discussion and the good doctor’s observation: “it’s not about having a good death, but having a good life”. Obvious really when you think about it.

Grammar schools again. In Fiona Miller’s article she praised Mr Gove, which certainly caught my attention. What, first Russell Brand and now Gove. WTF Duncan, you’ll be revising your opinion on Nobo next – no chance. Anyway apparently Gove’s greatest achievement, according to one of his education advisor’s, “was to normalise comprehensive education for the Conservative party, to shift the argument from ‘saving’ a few bright, poor kids through grammar schools…..to creating a genuine world-class system for all”. To my jaded brain I find this quite refreshing, I know there are many other things about Mr G but just for now I want to stay with this notion that he understands the limitations of a grammar school system. I’m also quite sure he is against the private school system in terms of perpetuating privilege and opportunity for the few. Anyway Miller argues that for the proponents of grammar schools to win their argument they have to show how they would benefit all children and not just the lucky few who gain selection.

Have to finish soon, brother Mark and Pam’s arrival is imminent, so quick Kliban cartoon:

Manifesto, there is no manifesto today as in the new regime there will be far more holidays, less working long and unproductive hours just to serve some corporative multinational bollocks, more leisure and time for living a good life, a life free from poverty, hunger, war and Iain Duncan Smith’ Let’s just celebrate today that Tesco’s share price has plummeted again, McDonalds profits are down, The War on Drugs music, and a black woman has won a world swimming title for the first time.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


2 thoughts on “But……………………..

  1. I too initially felt pulled to the differently abled side of the argument, recalling stroppy mums with baby-tractors that don’t fold (and also if I’m honest resenting them for their ostentation in comparison to me too-low-so-got-a-bad-back folding £5 Mothercare one – bet they don’t sell those any more); but how good it was to see the reporter interviewing folk and almost egging them to take sides while they said things like ‘Well, common sense should prevail and it would be easy to just budge up a bit and let everyone on’ and similar. THAT’s the commoners we aim to be.
    So, thinking on, and it’s that time of year, is it really better to shop in our local small store selling eg toys, which have come from the same manufacturer as those in Co-op/Tesco/Toysaurus but have a bigger mark-up as local chop costs higher versus buying form the above chains which, due to their size and clout (ie tyranny) can be held accountable and do at least put some customer responsive ethics in pale? Is Mrs Buttons better simply because she live sin the same town as us?

    Duncan’s unctions may be out, but you can still write dunctiously.


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