Oh they’re so clever blaming people for their own misfortune.

Just back from meeting Jo and Den in Bridport, it’s a town we’d like to visit and explore more. Had lunch in the ‘Soul Cafe’ and I’m sure the food was delicious. I could actually sort of taste the capers in my salad, will try adding them to tonight’s baked potato.

Feel somewhat guilty writing about food when there is so much comment and discussion about poverty, food banks and so on. Is this middle class guilt?

Either way I think there is a fundamental issue here which represents much of my ranting. I’ve just made what I now realise is a mistake to go looking for comments by others about the subject of poverty, food banks and the role of the state so I’ll just regurgitate my own prejudices. First up is a graphic to show the increase in food bank usage:

A bit of an increase, especially over the last 4 years which coincides with…….the caring coalition. And what else has happened over recent years; most people’s wages stagnant, cost of housing, gas, electricity, water, transport, food, all increased. For example between 2010 and 2013 gas and electricity prices increased by 37%, wages by 4.4%, inflation by 10.2 %. And for those on zero hour contracts on low pay (the vast majority of the new jobs we keep hearing about), well, they just blow it all on fast food, enormous TVs, smart phones and the like. They just don’t bleedin’ take personal responsibility. And then they just go and get free food from the food banks They should just accept their increasingly servile roles, servicing their much richer betters, continuing to ensure that the money keeps flooding up. Because over this same period the wealth of the wealthy has increased at an incredible rate as has the wealth of multinationals and banks because, well, they can. And they need the money much more than the rest of us.

One of the undoubted, so far, successes of the coalition government is that they have fed so many lies that feed and reinforce too many people’s prejudices that poor folk are responsible for their own predicament. Nothing to do with being born into poverty, being born into a class ridden society, being paid shit wages, having the welfare state dismantled. In the words of Linda Tirado who has written so eloquently about poverty in the land of the free to exploit USA : “Because it isn’t really my fault that 30 years ago , the entire country decided that quarterly profits were way more important than my generation’s future”. We’re finally catching up with huckster USA with the massive increase in food banks. Her answer, same as my answer, simple: pay people proper wages. Stop allowing companies to abrogate responsibility to the state to subsidise people’s basic existence. Can anyone out there give me just one good, moral, meritorious reason why some are rewarded with vast amounts of money whilst others have so little?

Neck getting a little more sore today, have created a new salve by adding manuka honey to the first unction. Now I feel even more middle class guilt, I won’t let you know how much the honey cost.

Also did the first self service on my peg, seemed to do it OK but it’s sore today and seems a little infected.

Last chemo tomorrow so will ring the bell when I leave. Not looking forward to the steroids, even though for the last time. Watch the blog swear rate increase.

No apologies for another Kliban:

Manifesto 39:

  • everyone to be paid the same.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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