Absolutely horrendous link with brutal beheading in this blog.

To immediately allay any concerns about the beheading heading there is no link and I would never use the absolutely sick approach now commonly used by many on the internet to advertise their stuff. But it will be interesting to see if this blog gets more hits.

Had my first viewing from Morocco yesterday, thanks Marge and sorry I didn’t meet you, next time. Hope you’re having fun.

Kate and I had fun yesterday going to Devizes to see Margie and Richard, everyone was so pleased to see each other, especially Kate and her brother Ian who’ve not seen each other for so long, it was very moving and other’s absence was barely noticed. Ian’s wife Jo also has cancer, hers is incurable but treatable, she is delightful, we had a good ‘cancer’ chat.

I managed to eat and drink and not get too upset about the TDD, the alcohol in the champagne and syllabub helped.

How much longer can we tolerate the kleptomaniacal corporations and their rapacious CEOs and directors. Their neoliberal bollocks has failed society completely, The evidence is now so overwhelming, here are some new ones I’ve learnt today:

  • since 1980 the share of company profits has increased by  6% as a  share of GDP, wages have gone down by 6%. What a co-incidence. Part of the ‘flood up’.
  •  in the past 10 years median wages (ie what most people get, not the average wage which is distorted upwards because of the obscene amounts stolen by the kleptos) have remained static, even reduced for many. At the same time food inflation up 47%, fuel up 153.6%, housing costs up 30.4%.
  • in the past 3 known tax years Amazon has had sales in this country of £10.82 billion and paid tax of £4.24 million ().5% tax rate).

I could go on, but how long are we going to continue down this very depressing road? If Osborne and co have their way for a long time yet. But maybe their ‘welfare myth’ is at last being exposed for the bollocks that it is, demonising the poor, disabled and others. As I’ve written in previous blogs by far the biggest recipients of state handouts are the rich. It is also the case for the more comfortable of us we make use of the NHS, pensions that we claim longer (remember the poorer you are the less long you live), tax subsidies for property (latest with buy to let), and subsidies for pensions. Add all these and other wheezes up and we come to realise that we all benefit from the welfare state but it’s just the poorer who get the shit.

They also promulgate myths about the poor such as the one about the 3 generations of families who’ve lived on benefits, social scientists have yet to find such a case.

That the benefits system was originally designed to help in hard times has been rebranded as a ‘lifestyle choice’, dumping responsibility on the poor unfortunates who find themselves on hard times.

Going back to the start of this blog we have become a far more callous, uncaring and sick society. Thanks Thatch and your neoliberal chums, the faceless ones eh David?

Agreed with another tory yesterday on Any Questions, William Rees Mogg of all people, when asked what are British values he didn’t come out with the usual trite answer but that we are free and independent and that there is no need for a list of values. Queuing was mentioned by a panellist and it reminded me of when we were in India waiting many hours for a bus, when it arrived many locals suddenly appeared and started piling on the bus. Having waited the longest I was very put out, forced my way to the door, stopped and turned to give a lecture about queuing and fairness, briefly they looked nonplussed at me then started clambering in through the windows.

It was also interesting on Any Answers when a couple of people called in to say that they thought torture was OK to use. The presenter said very clearly that part of the American report clearly stated that torture elicited no good information, therefore did not work. Even when told this the people still thought it OK; seems to me that it’s fuelled more by some sense of wanting revenge than rational thought.

Well have finished my chemo so no more steroids. Neck skin still OK if a little red. Going to try some cannabis infused milk tonight as an alternative pain reliever.

Manifesto: 42 (one from Kate)

  • when driving people should indicate so that others know what are they are doing.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


One thought on “Absolutely horrendous link with brutal beheading in this blog.

  1. Good to hear you finished with the chemo and steroids and will be trying out a more agreeable drug this evening. Obviously we have to be very careful about the chemicals that we choose to introduce to our body. Ukip candidate Kerry Smith took some painkillers which resulted in him coming out with all sorts of racist, homophobic and offensive tosh about peasant shooting.
    Since being put on a prescription for anti coagulants I have found that I have also experienced some side effects and strangely, have become a much more agreeable human being. I feel more empathic, can understand the nuances involved in this complex life and appreciate that we are stardust and all rather golden.
    If Mr. Farago took a look at the scripts that Boots are handing out to his minions then he might find that his party, with a slight drug adjustment, could become a little bit more celebratory about our differences.

    Warfarin ……what is good for ? Quite a lot actuellement.

    Keepy up old chap, Love Peace and Understanding (wots so funny?)
    Dai Versity


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