Absolutely shattered today, kept falling asleep in car, at the hospital and back at home. I’m more tired than a UKIP candidate checker. Sat now staring pretty blankly at screen and have no energy to think or write.


keep on keeping on, love Duncan


3 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. I have been a lurker on your daily blog for too long, so perhaps today is a time for you to read and the lurking readers to right the wrong and write! I have been keeping up with your blog and am sending you my support via the ‘Leave a reply’ box.

    On the subject of your domain name – I agree that your name should be included, but perhaps as an anagram within the domain name. Here are two suggestions, which are based on a couple of your previous suggestions:

    HealingLotionsAndUnctions or SoothingLotionsAndUnctions

    I have checked for crude/rude/vulgar words that could have been inadvertently created within the above long domain names. I expect your other readers will have checked as well by now! No chortles there then…

    Has the vote closed yet?

    Arty Ce (anagram)


    1. Thanks Tracey, the vote hadn’t closed but rather superceded by Martin the marketing guru vetoing using my masculine name. Like healing and soothing as possible words to use, we’ll be deciding by the weekend.
      Good to have you contributing
      Duncan x


      1. I should have put the web names as follows:
        healinglotionsANDUNCtions or soothinglotionsANDUNCtions to make the anagram of DUNCAN more obviously included – can’t seem to add different fonts here, so have put capitals.


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