All I want is the truth, so cheers!

Even after a long night’s sleep I awoke, or rather partially surfaced, and took a good half an hour to gather myself to action. It feels like the treatment that has been assaulting my body has finally reached the core of my being and torpor and languor now rule.

So Sunday night I supped away at my cannabis infused milk whilst talking with my uncle Barry. We’d simply ground some weed and added it to the milk with little regard to measurement or knowing how strong it might be. I drank about half and went to bed thinking I felt somewhat different but definitely pain free. As I read my book in bed I soon realised I was quite stoned, how stoned I don’t know as Kate was asleep. I dozed for a while then had a serious case of the munchies: I ate chocolates, bread and cheese. As one of the side effects of therapy is difficulty eating maybe cannabis induced munchies is good!

Kate and I had a look at a series of images of my head and neck on the consultant’s computer from the CT scan. They were very clear and he showed all the different bits they are targeting, not just the tumour but peripheral stuff that the cancer can easily spread to or lurk in. Shame I was too tired to take it all in. He also said I was ‘top of the class’ with eating, especially still eating the hard stuff. Somewhat counterintuitively it’s better for a sore/damaged throat to have rough stuff scrape over it, next time any of you have a sore throat eat crisps. I’m eating pork pie right now.

Don’t know if my beheading heading experiment proved anything but there were the most viewings for many weeks and the first from India and the Philippines.

Increasingly entertaining with all the UKIPPERS revealing their unsurprising predilections, but the one blaming prescription drugs might point the way to actually improving politics. There is no way that the drugs caused the racism or homophobia, more that they removed any inhibitions which normally mask these  people’s deep and long held beliefs. Now there is also a long and deeply held belief in many people that many politicians lie, or at least don’t tell the truth. So let’s have all politicians on one drug or another (could be prescription, alcohol, cannabis or whatever encourages truth telling), the choice would be theirs. Politicians of all persuasions often cite Churchill as an exemplar and he was often pissed, so we have some testimony they’d find hard to refute.

So Iain Duncan Smith continues to confirm his dimwitted malevolence (is he an example of the banality of evil?), with his recent proposal to limit child benefit to a family’s first 2 children. Now, there is a very serious debate to be had about population growth, but this is IDS having another very deliberate go at the poor. He  has 4 children and so does Boris de Pfeffel twatface. Therefore we can add breeding to financial mismanagement, spending on wide screen TVs, not being able to cook, benefit cheating and all the other sneering moralising that the tories are so good at and which taps into too many people’s baser instincts. They are still very adept at dividing but there is increasing evidence that they’re less good at ruling. Well, if you have someone as dim as IDS in your team.

Last 2 weeks gambling: small profit last week, but over £50 this last weekend. All down to a little treble with a 50p stake and a £60 return.

Hopefully the new IDS satirical site will be started this week.

Manifesto 43:

  • all politicians to be inebriated/under the influence of drugs when talking in public.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


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