Can propanolol cure racism?

Still very tired and finding it hard to even tap on a keyboard. It seems to take me an age to do anything, especially eating and running a marathon. I have a pain relieving regime which helps with eating, but also have to take antibiotics, put unction on neck, flush peg twice a day, various mouth washes and extra pain relief when necessary. My throat is extremely painful, but I’ve made it this far so am determined to keep eating and drinking. Six more visits to the radio saloon. It has been a long and intensive haul. From next week I will be simply recuperating, even though there will be very little signs of recovery for a couple of weeks or more.

We had thought that we’d be getting some results in February, not so as we were told on Monday it will be 3 months after treatment finishes before we get any indication of success or not. That’s a long time to wait.

Thanks for ideas about names Tracey, I won’t be making any decisions for a few weeks as my lotion might not work, I need to be a completely successful case study. I’m also finding it really hard to summon the energy to do even simple tasks, applies to mental cogitation as well as physical stuff. Good to have you joining in.

Sad to read about how as rent controls are abolished in Spain many small shops will be forced out of business. Often located in buildings owned by banks and the like of Westbrook Estates (owners of New Era housing estate in London) they are increasing rents by enormous amounts. These are often the types of shop that give towns and city areas a distinctiveness which will be lost to the homogeneity of ‘modern shopping’.

So another example of one law for the rich and fuck off and die you pauper with Mr Burrows the fare dodger. Earning £1m a year he dodged train fares calculated at £43,000 and made an out of court settlement. Now, just remind ourselves, what would happen to a poor fare dodger?

With regard to the denizen of the drug den that is Hector’s House I am pleased that your drugs are making you a more agreeable human canine, appreciative of the nuances of life and even golden, but that is because you are fundamentally a good person and the drugs merely allow you to express this more freely, man. But my argument was that the drugs act as disinhibitors, allowing the true underlying  nature to be expressed more freely. I can think of no drugs that would fundamentally alter the racist, homophobic, xenophobic nature of your UKIPPERS. But wait, what’s this, a study that claims propanolol (a beta blocker) ‘ may also help mute subconscious racist attitudes in individuals.’ . I have serious scientific doubts about the study, but ……………..

Bleedin’ IDS at it again claiming all sorts for the benefit cap such as it’s altering people’s behaviour. Now as all good psychologists know there’s a lot to this changing behaviour lark and demonstrating and measuring it it is hard. But it’s somehow reassuring to know that IDS isn’t changing his arrogant behaviour. The latest official analysis of the benefit cap says that it’s cut the benefits bill by a whopping one thousandth, but that’s more than enough for IDS to make up whatever he wants. If you search wordpress for the real Iain Duncan Smith by Duncan Smith it has it’s first page.

manifesto 44:

  • more sharing, stop hogging. (from Grace)

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


One thought on “Can propanolol cure racism?

  1. Very sorry to hear about the 3 month wait… I don’t want to diminish the pain and stress of this, but I suppose no-one knows what health state they’ll be in 3 or 2 months hence, we blindly wake each day assuming immortality and invulnerability, and so we don’t read the exquisiteness of this life, this world, this universe.
    But – for you and other people with life-threatening diagnoses, I imagine that al this talk of time-scales and deadlines and must-do medication and will-it-work-or-won’t-it is one of the biggest lifestyle changes and most challenging impacts on you, requiring enormous courage and persistent trust, consistent hard work in getting through each day, each treatment, each month. As before, all the power in the cosmos to your elbows.

    ‘Funkiest town in Britain’ Totnes has just lost some credibility and voted for its first UKIP pretender, who is zero-ing in on the fishermen made unhappy by the quota changes announced yesterday, blaming it naturally all on Europe. Coming from coastal stock, I have much empathy for the fishermen, risk-taking every trip, but the southwesterly ones don’t seem to want to follow the scottish example of accepting the quotas in recognition of ‘the science’ behind the measures and now reaping (can you reap fish?) the benefits (and not from IDS). (Hmm, how about calling it ‘the logic’ instead, and acknowledging that the Padstein chefs might not be able to pay them the £50 per ounce of cod that they have been hitherto…)

    Great cartoon – hope there’ll be some home-made ones on your RIDS site – can we get rids asap please of this dangerous young boys mafia that abused the UK’s utterly unfair voting system to rob us all of our intuitively fair and socially just island tendencies?
    Keeping keeping keeping on. xxx


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