On various forms of masochism.

Only 5 zaps to go. Thanks Jill for chauffeuring me. Feel a little livelier today despite my throat being even more sore. My throat and mouth suffer less if I can sleep with my mouth closed, it was open a great deal last night and my mouth was as dry as a dead dingo’s donger. Any advice on how to keep mouth closed when sleeping?

Just booked a trip for Kate and me in March, mainly to celebrate her 50th, and it’s a secret. Hopefully I’ll have some of my taste back but whatever my state I’m determined to make it as memorable and wonderful as possible because Kate has been, and is, absolutely brilliant.

Nutritionist just called me to check on things and she said if I’m still eating and drinking normally 2 weeks after treatment finishes then the peg can be removed. She advised trying a gel in my mouth before sleep to prevent drying.

So food bank usage goes up with more food bank provision say the tories, just like when a new NHS hospital was built near me I broke both arms and both legs.

Watched some of the comedy award s on telly last night, for the few awards that I saw presented none of the winners were there, just wondered if it was the case for the whole programme and why? Partly probably because there are too many award programmes, although maybe could just squeeze in most evil tories awards? What do you think Sal? Actually there was a lively debate in the summer of last year and most agreed with you Sal that they’re not evil, even one of my heroes Owen Jones thought this too and considered it dangerous to think them as evil. He just treats them with contempt, this has appeal. But wait, what’s this?

Good news story: Dominique Harrison-Bentzen after losing her bank card one night was offered money by a homeless man. So moved was she that she started a campaign to raise money so that he could get somewhere to live. This is key for homeless people apart from the obvious because the homeless need an address to get things like jobs. Her campaign went viral and raised £21,000.

Jo, I assume the ‘dangerous young boys mafia’ is Cameron and co? Well maybe, at last, the good old people of this benighted isle may be seeing through the skein of lies that have been perpetrated by them. A recent opinion poll has them falling by 3% and this after Osborne’s outlining of massive further cuts in state spending and continuing ‘austerity’. I fervently hope, ever the bleedin’ optimist, that more people are beginning to see what this lot are really about. What continues to bother me is the way that labour aren’t presenting a significant alternative, instead they too are buying into this austerity bollocks. Maybe David’s right and it’s the unseen ones who are telling our (and I mean our elected representatives) politicians what to do. Smacks more of following the city/corporate interests of ever increasing profits at the cost of the rest of society’s well-being.

How can any sentient being believe the bollocks Osborne spouts about his ‘austerity plans’ after missing all his initial objectives on the deficit, debt and growth at the same time presiding over declining living standards for the majority and especially the poorest and weakest in society. We should be just pouring ridicule over the twat.

The following is a comment about Steve Bell’s If……. in today’s Grauniad: ‘Duncan Smith is perhaps the worst of this shabby bunch of vermin. His absolute delight in the suffering he inflicts appears borderline sexual. A true “Maso Sadist” if ever there was one.’ Now I object to this, and perhaps partly explains why I’m so vehement in my castigation of mad bat IDS, gives me an idea for next manifesto thing. Also I think the writer of the above comment meant Maso Sadist as baldy Cameron used it against Ed Balls a little while ago, probably meaning to say sado-masochist. Thing is there is such a type as a Maso=Sadist: “A maso=sadist is a person who has more tendencies towards masochism, but with underlying tones of sadism.” Anyway Steve Bell thinks Osborne is sado-masochistic, for those who haven’t seen this is how he draws Osborne:

Manifesto 45:

  • all mentions of Ian Duncan Smith to be in full, no shortening to Duncan Smith. This could be a pitchfork offence.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

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