Only women bleed.

Sat at home feeling a little sorry for myself, am i allowed to do that? The throat is now really sore, I’m still swallowing but talking is getting harder. Using more painkillers, especially during the night when it seems to be worst. Pain kept me awake much of the night.

I’d planned to go into school for secret santa but felt too crap, don’t feel like talking (it hurts) and didn’t want people to see me looking so shit. Kate kindly delivered my cards and presents to school. I also think that being briefly with my work comrades would highlight what I’m missing, especially at this time of year, and whilst it would have been great to see them all I think that going would not be so good for my mental well being. They will be gathering as I write these words.

For the first time this morning going for treatment felt like hard work and harder in the knowledge that it will probably make me feel even worse. I’ve only got 4 more zappings but right now they feel like they’ll be the hardest to get through, especially Tuesday as I will have one in the morning and another in the afternoon. I’m afraid people will have to careful over the next few days if they say stuff like “only 4 more”, I may snap.

My body has been assaulted for two and a half months now, it’s stood up well but right now I’m struggling. Hope my mental fortitude holds up.

So I signed a petition via to get Theresa May to set up exclusion zones around abortion clinics to stop these anti-abortion groups intimidating women going into them. I think that those who do this are not thinking about or considering women at all, focusing purely on the foetus. There is a great deal that is disingenuous about these zealots. For example they will use the term ‘unborn child’; a foetus is not an unborn child, it is a foetus that will develop into a child. They want to give equal rights to the foetus, or even greater rights to the foetus at the expense of the woman carrying the foetus. This I find very hard to entertain, a foetus is entirely dependent on the mother for it’s continuing existence; I’ve yet to hear or read about a foetus, let alone a baby or young child that can manage independently.

I’m afraid that what probably underpins these anti-abortionists is not any concern for the sanctity of human life but good old misogyny. Instead of protesting outside clinics and harassing pregnant women they should be putting their case to legislators. But no, they would rather express their fear and hatred of women and their sexuality. Hey guess what’s playing right now on our music system……’Only Women Bleed’! And Alice Cooper wrote it, weird.

Ann Furedi’s recent article advocating legislation to stop protesting outside clinics wrote about a recent judgement in Northern Ireland:

“Last week, the judge in a successful harassment case that was brought against a protester outside the Marie Stopes centre in Belfast hit the nail on the head in his closing remarks. It was entirely inappropriate, he said, “for anyone to be stopped outside this clinic in any form, shape or fashion and questioned either to their identity, why they are going in there and being forced to involve themselves in conversation at times when they are almost certainly going to be stressed and very possibly distressed”.

Moving south, to the Irish Republic, is a story that takes misogyny to new depths. A brain-dead pregnant woman who has no chance of revival is being kept alive until the baby can be delivered. The woman’s family want her to be allowed to die but the hospital is refusing because the foetus is 17 weeks old. Under the 8th amendment of the constitution a foetus has the same rights as the mother and can be protected by the law. I think this utter madness, what for example, do these ‘pro-lifers’ think will happen to the baby born to a mother who is effectively already dead and to a family who are so traumatised they can’t possibly consider keeping their daughter alive like some sort of incubator. Still, I suppose there’s the nun run laundries to look after the baby and then sell it. Or maybe keep brain-dead women alive and use them to continue breeding.

Manifesto 46:

  • women have the right to choose, and that choice to be respected. Additionally that a foetus is not an unborn child.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


6 thoughts on “Only women bleed.

  1. It is OK to snap, mate…….if it helps your mental fortitude, let people know that and do it frequently! What ever gets you through the night…’ll be alright! Let it bleed, let it be. Sending you light and strength and a message from Teresa May, she says ” IDS is worse than me, and Gideon…..well, far beyond the pale” !!!


    1. Thanks for affirmation Richard, having lost my voice I’m developing a series of looks. Maybe I should create one specially for IDS that clearly shows what we all think of him, never talk to the bastard again but just give him the look.


  2. The last steps always the hardest – ” During the heroic phase of any physical or mental effort, it is easiest to marshal ones entire resources to achieve. Once the goal is in sight one has made a calculation that the last steps are a matter of simple routine, ones adrenaline goes down. Even though what remains is objectively easier it is harder because it is rote, it is mechanical and not spiritual, it is less engaging.” Well that’s one theory anyway… sorry the pain is increasing – is the other medicine plant not working any more?

    You may have read it, but lovely quote and some maybe interesting ideas at
    Turn of the year on Tuesday, turn of the screw turn of the energy to regrowth after the forest fires.
    You are keeping on so brilliantly. xxx


  3. Jo, not come across this quote, but there are similar sporting ones. I’m afraid that the onslaught was simply overwhelming, my key nurse said yesterday that our consultant thinks that neck and head cancer treatments are the toughest. Just means there’s more of me available for regrowth! x


  4. Dear Duncan – I hope you are feeling alot better than you were when you wrote the above. You dont know me but I would like to get to know you, and discuss our opposite views on the unborn child. I’m one of those people who stands outside abortion clinics. We stand, we pray, we offer to speak if the women want to speak – you would be shocked at how many of those poor women, who lets face it are also VICTIMS, want to speak. I have spent more hours that I care to remember standing outside these dismal clinics and let me tell you I HAVE NEVER HARASSED a woman, and I have never witnessed another pro-lifer harass a woman either. However I have personally been harassed and I have been with fellow pro-lifers who have been abused. It is very scary at times. But bullying will never stop me and I know my fellow pro-lifers feel and think likewise. Free speech is the buzz word of the present times. This is a free speech issue. My freedom to object to babies being killed, a pregnant womans right to consider ALL her options, but most of all the right to life of an individual who does not have a voice.

    You are obviously a very brave individual – you have after all met cancer head on. Please commit yourself to finding out the facts about abortion. Science has us brainwashed that it has all the answers to all our questions. Well on this occasion it does – all the facts are there for you to explore. However you do have to be brave and you do have to lay aside all your prejudice. I’m only asking you to do this for about 24 hours while you do your research. But you have to be prepared to read the material produced by people you would not normally read. Some of us are scientists too. (I’m not anti-science, quite the opposite actually, however I am anti the “Radio 4” variety ie the ones who always get publicity).

    I will pray for you. My own father has been battling cancer also.

    I do hope we can have a discussion. Not to change your mind but please dont demonise us. As I have already said – free speech is the issue here, not mine but the unborn child’s right to a voice.




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