Pain and mandate

I’m in a pretty bad way, hence no blog yesterday. The zapping has continued to wreak it’s havoc on my throat which is now continually painful, sometimes excruciatingly so. Swallowing anything, even sputum, is very, very, very painful. If I do swallow something It triggers a horrible coughing fit and most is regurgitated. So I’ve begun using the horrible, now essential, peg. The morphine is going down quickly, straight into my stomach.

What is particularly galling is I’m only four treatments from the end, I really began to think I’d make it through eating and drinking relatively normally. Oh the dangers of positive thinking. I was actually beginning to look forward to Christmas and having a couple of glasses of champagne, might still inject them through peg.

All this also causes varying degrees of disorientation, partly as a result of lack of sleep, and what should be simple tasks like writing a bleedin’ blog become become so much harder. Will discuss this in greater depth later as it gives me further insight into different aspects of the human condition.

Kate probably more upset than me. She’s just set up her massage table, we have to use a load of cushions and pillows to allow for the peg while on my front. I slept through most of yesterday’s massage, Kate has magic hands.

Just been emailed this photo by Tarisha, so need to trawl images for horrible image of man suffering from radiotherapy treatment, thanks Tarisha:

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.


3 thoughts on “Pain and mandate

  1. It all sounds bloody horrendous Dunc. I feel wretched not being able to do anything….. God knows what Kate must feel.
    Hopefully, the degree of pain you’re in is nothing in comparison to what the crab is feeling. After all, you are getting a glancing blow while he is getting it right in the chops. Elvis may well be leaving the building, but apparently he’s not prepared to go quietly.
    Huge support from Our Man in Alba.
    Yours in Freedom (as it turns out we say in the SNP)


  2. Thinking of you. Great that despite feeling so bad that you still want to communicate to all your followers. Lapping it up and enjoying it too. I relate to so much of it.

    Particularly loved Manifesto: 42. Why isn’t there a national outcry demanding that DRIVERS MUST SIGNAL, how the hell are we supposed to guess what they are going to do all the time? If cars don’t signal that they are turning into me as a pedestrian i continue walking but usually I have to give way as I know which one of us will win.

    You mention Fiona Millar. I will name drop but a few years ago I was at restaurant with a small group for dinner including her. My cousin layed into her saying he couldn’t fathom why Alastair (her partner) was in Australia at the time and cosying up to Murdoch. She got quite needled and left right in the middle of the meal. We were all taken aback. The relationship was patched up later but I thought is was quite interesting – old labour meets new labour.

    Question: was it necessary to get Murdoch on side to win the 1997 election?

    Keep on loving.


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