My and Cameron’s pain

Sorry about lack of blogging, not so much blogger’s block more blogger’s feeling absolutely shit. But it’s been the last visit to the radio saloon? I know and for that I’m happy. But I’ve been feeling increasingly crap for a week and suddenly my life is all about pain control. Haven’t slept longer than about an hour at a time for over 3 days. It’s likely to get worse for a few more days, which is extremely hard to contemplate. I can’t eat, drink, talk, very tired, mouth, tongue and throat covered in ulcers. Grace is my favourite daughter ever and i promise to buy her 10 ponies just for being so awesome yay xxxxx

My blog has been hacked!

My family have kept me going, well, a fair number of them.

Unless there is any really significant worsening I promise to only write about improvements in my condition, well it is christmas. Christmas that time of year when we eat, drink, be merry, all of which I love to do.

So before I get self-pitying again hope all of you who celebrate christmas have a good time. Don’t worry Jo, there’s lots I’ve read and thought about in recent days to write loads of ranty stuff.

Happy christmas and keep on keeping on, love Duncan


2 thoughts on “My and Cameron’s pain

  1. Merry X-mas all. Manifesto suggestions:
    – Positive thinking to be banned. Us grumpy old men are happier for all our negative thinking coz things always turn out better than we feared.
    – Let’s keep working (moderately) hard to keep the effing Kleptos in clover. They are miserable in their filthy lucre which they ‘know’ they don’t deserve. And the rest of us can enjoy the luxury of laughing at their misery – something money cannot buy. We also enjoy working even if we are underpaid. They don’t.
    – Let’s ensure the poor (that’s us and our brethren) don’t think / feel as if downtrodden. On the contrary, we are proud and independent because we have not swallowed (sorry Duncan) the ‘pill’ that the Kleptos try to stuff down our throats. We understand them only too well, but they will never understand us or have any control or influence over us. They are the slaves of the establishment and Mammon. We are not.
    Best wishes for a prosperous new year, whatever that means 😉


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