Of course it’s class war.

Not doing very well lately as this becomes a rather intermittent blog. Thing is writing my typical blog takes 1-2 hours and in my current state I can’t stay on task, as we say in the SEN game, anywhere near that long. Wrote a fair bit yesterday but it didn’t save, and that was probably my best writing yet.

It’s been very hard in ways I’d never envisaged. Not eating and drinking I knew would be difficult, I also knew having this at christmas even harder but it suddenly denies you so much of the basics of life, not just the physical and sensory, but the social and psychological. I even ‘eat’ at different times as it’s not pleasant for others to see me injecting into my stomach while they’re eating, should cover myself up like a baby at the breast.

I knew there was a possibility of losing my voice but hadn’t contemplated it a great deal. It creates immediate frustrations as we are so dependent on communication to oil our lives.  Obviously writing is an answer, but somewhat laborious. I can sign to some extent with Makaton, but no one else knows it in the household.

I recall from various programmes and documentaries about deaf/mute people that there is a high degree of anger, is this the case? Because from my brief experience it is incredibly frustrating, especially when in an environment where everyone else is speaking. I think I wrote in my last blog about feeling very low and isolated on christmas morning, this is reflected in the following quote: “Not being able to talk sucks. There’s no doubt about that. There’s a lot of times when I almost feel like I’m trapped inside of myself. Like if I don’t talk or yell or scream or laugh I’m going to explode. A lot of the time it almost feels like I’m suffocating.”
Keary Taylor, What I Didn’t Say 

I’ve touched on feeling more vulnerable before and this seems to have developed alongside increased sensitivity. If someone touches me lightly when I’m not aware I will twitch, even ‘jump’. I think it’s some sort of hypersensitivity which my body has developed, it realises I’m not 100% physically and is compensating to help. Does feel very weird though as I keep ‘jumping’ so often.

So we have the annual post christmas sport of writing about fox hunting. There was a piece about fox hunting in the Grauniad by someone calling themselves Melissa Kite, a quick search reveals she writes for GQ, the Spectator, the mail and sunday telegraph. One of her accusations is that objectors to hunting are perpetrating a class war. And what’s your point Ms Kite? Of course it’s class war, but it’s a term you and your class (and lackeys and apologists and arse lickers) use only one way. For example you keep quiet about the austerity campaign which is basically class war against the poor. All the poor folk’s hunting and other activities involving the killing of animals have been made illegal because they are cruel. Are foxes somehow different to these other animals? The hunting toffs have generally ignored the law anyway. Lovely photo in yesterday’s Grauniad of a hunter falling off her horse in front of a number of onlookers, how embarrassing. In times when so many are struggling, to witness the toffs parading round on expensive horses chasing poor renard, which is supposed to be illegal, then it is very clearly class war.

Manifesto 49:

  • all those who continue to maintain that chasing a small mammal while sat on a much larger mammal and dressed in some ridiculous outfit be ridiculed in ways deemed suitable by fair minded folk. They also need to be aware that they call this ‘hunting’ with the odds against the poor fox rather large: 1 fox against lots of weirdly dressed toffs on horseback plus large pack of hounds.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan.

3 thoughts on “Of course it’s class war.

  1. \So what was the theme yesterday? How ironically and doubly frustrating that you lost the post – symbolic of all the communications and expressions that are struggling to be heard. When I was on the 10 day (though of course yours longer than 10 days) silent retreat, the lack of using and hearing words did bizarre things to my mind – a waking delirium, mingling with word-dreams, phrases of long lost songs and sayings crashing and joining in colourful chaos. Is any of that happening?
    O and yes, I mistype many words, most often teh, cahnce, pleas, wihch,and most others –
    Keeping on with you all. xxx


  2. You’re right Jo my brain/mind is all over the shop currently, this bothers me in many ways, not least that there is a shop with my mind all over it. I slip in and out of sleep so easily and quickly, thoughts come and go and trying to write an extended piece is very difficult. I’ve not slept longer than 2, maybe 2 1/2 hours in one go so this must be affecting me as well. Love Duncan x


  3. Hmmm – time for lavender pyjamas – should appeal to your sartorial core, which yes is till there (by the way kate’s grandad used a lavender topped cane 🙂 ) – recommended here: http://www.lavendertouch.co.uk/fundraising/night-sweats?gclid=CKTK7_7-68ICFWSWtAodaU8AtQ – a generally QI site perhaps; an outlet for the unctious ungent?

    Is there any energy or the mindfulness work re specifically the sleep? Not to underestimate your self-knowledge nor Dr Kate’s work, but maybe one or two things here not tried: http://www.oncolink.org/resources/article.cfm?id=1048

    Ah yes, and maybe ask Dr Cerys Matthews musical prescriptions…

    Apropos nothing, see the meja is increasingly referring to the loony fruitcakes (an insult to both) as Kippers – far too fishily friendly-sounding for my liking; part of the familiarisation-making-less-horrific process – why has Green party never had this privilege?
    love keeping coming x


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