Come on you Syriza.

What’s happening? Until last week I’d manage to get something written every day, I’d obsess, sometimes obsessively so, thinking about what I was going to write. Now I don’t, I still want to write something daily but somehow the day slips by and no blog is written. Maybe I’m just a lazy bastard, I mean all I do is laze around all day not doing a great deal, surely I can at least put a few sentences together. Well this initial post treatment phase is easily the most difficult, painful (physically and mentally) and tiring.

I am only able to sleep up to 2 hours in any one go, more typically it’s about an hour. So I think I’m getting into serious sleep debt. I wake up in the morning feeling more tired than the day before.

There is the possibility that my treatment has somehow impaired my mental functioning, sleeplessness will be compounding this. See, my mind has ‘gone blank’ again and I’ve lost the train of thought I was on, perhaps need to consider other modes of transporting my thoughts, maybe a nice little bicycle of thought will keep me going for a while. Anyway, not going to force it, am off to have my breakfast and hope that something turns up.

So what is worse; to lose your voice or your sense of taste? Stupid question I know but even though I’ve got, hopefully temporarily, loss of both I’d find it hard to choose. My predominant emotion after losing my taste was sadness, on losing my voice frustration and anger.

Were you aware of the anti-Chelsea conspiracy to portray them as a diving team? I know few who read this will care but I have developed a deep antipathy to Moanrino and his Chelski. This supposed conspiracy comes after a few people had commented on the diving tendencies of some Chelsea players. Then when a Chelsea player falls over after being fouled in the penalty area he is given a yellow card instead of a penalty. Now this may have cost Chelsea a win and Moanrino realises this and as ever looks to afford blame elsewhere.  I do wish he would go elsewhere, but then I’d be denying Mark’s pantomime pleasure.

I wrote of Podomos in Spain a few weeks ago now Syriza in Greece are taking the limelight. Like Podemos they are a recent phenomena and in a short time have become the leading party. They are against ‘austerity’ and they are causing serious panic in the ‘market’. Now we mustn’t upset the ‘market’ but just do as it bids. Especially not now when the austere approach is beginning to work, except that it’s not beginning to work. All that they tell us about debt is a figment. What happened in 2007 was the falling apart of an unsustainable capitalism, yet it’s the workshy Greeks, British scroungers and of course Gordon Brown who were responsible for all this.

At last we have a serious alternative being offered to a nation and it’s great. There is already serious bribing going on alongside dire warnings from an array of institutions and people, all ultimately funded by the shadowy ones (we must get a name for them David). But I sincerely hope the Greeks vote for Syriza and they get the chance to implement some of their policies which basically amount to helping the poor, sorting out tax fraud and other rich folk shenanigans and a reframing of the Greek ‘debt’, even writing the debt off. This happened to the Germans; in the 1950’s they were complaining that they would never have economic recovery while burdened with war reparation debts. These debts were wiped clean and the results have been plain to see over the last 50 years. So it was OK for Germany then but not poor little Greece now. And, ironically, it’s been the Germans pushing for the harsh ‘austerity’ measures in Greece.

But there might be a domino effect, after Greece it will be Spain, then Ireland (just found out that Sinn Fein are the latest anti-austerity party) then ………? Now this general writing off debt thing used to happen regularly in other civilizations, seems like it’s time has come for our civilization.

Now which party in dear old blighty is anti-austerity? Just the Greens, so maybe, just maybe, if things start to happen in Greece and elsewhere it could be a really interesting election here next May. Come on Millibean, there’s still time.

Manifesto 50:

  • enough austerity, let’s bring some real hope to people, write off all debts.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan



4 thoughts on “Come on you Syriza.

  1. Boys away, post-consumerist and somewhat empty peace reigns in tinsel-littered layers.

    Well, if that’s what not knowing what to say or write looks like, can’t wait for the return to expressionism. The darkest of the night comes before the dawn, not that that’s much help if you’ve lost your torch. Keeping feeling on through the fog with you, xx


  2. Anger and frustration are probably good things, certainly better than apathy and not keeping on. I share the frustration with WordPress. I have just lost another large piece as I accidentally pressed the wrong key. Now I am writing it again in Word to copy over when finished – shudder at that monopolist Gates. Anyway, writers block is common – I have missed your regularity of comment and hope the mission is back on track now. I do check every day.

    Interesting developments re Greece etc. I have always felt that the Euro was destined for disaster and collapse with misery on a grand scale for the poor, for lots of reasons. A project designed by mindless and irresponsible theorists, akin to eugenics but in the economic sphere. Agree all debts should be written off except those where the borrowers can genuinely afford to repay – cf Wonga et al!

    Just started reading a book called the Establishment by Owen Jones, a Guardian journo. It will be interesting, but he does make, in my view, one fundamental error in the first few pages in not identifying the State with the Establishment. They are one and the same thing, my friend – a vile stinky entwined maggot pile of greed, corruption and filth. However, he has inadvertently helped me resolve my confusion over ‘free markets’ and ‘neo-liberalism’. Now, freedom is clearly a good thing, but Murdoching is clearly a bad thing. One man’s freedom can be another man’s loss of freedom, especially if the fabric of the community has already been grossly undermined. What I realised is that the promoters of so called ‘free markets’ and ‘neo-liberalism’ are in fact merely using these concepts as a smokescreen of virtue whilst behind the scenes they are actually promoting something which is very much ‘not free’ … for the poor; only for the rich and powerful. A genuine free market would see Murdoch and his ilk out of business for good.

    I am not sure exactly who the ‘dark forces’ are nor what we should call them. Maybe we start with the idea that there are still people today who own land that was thieved by thugs from Normandy in 1066, not that the people they stole it from likely had any more rights to it. But it is much more than that and much more difficult to pin down – a slimy mess of mutual backscratching, favours and arse-licking. I am fairly sure that the people we get to see as ‘in power’ are the lowest and least powerful of the Establishment – merely the PR men for the shadowy ones. I am also fairly sure they (these the lowest of the low) don’t even realise that they are no more than muppets. That is part of the con trick. It makes me feel sick. The entire ruling class, if that is the way to describe it, is rotten to the core. All the tables in the corridors of power are filled with filthy vomit.

    It is going to be a difficult nut to crack, but we can do it. I am fairly sure the solution is not through politics but through direct (non-violent) action. The community needs to take ownership and responsibility. We can only blame ourselves if we ‘prefer’ to let others (the rulers) run things and tell us what to do. What we need is to capitalise (ha ha) on love, community and spirit, intellectual property not physical property. We are so much better than the ruling slime bags and we need to claim the moral high ground and win the debate in our communities. The kleptos need to be ostracised until such time as they agree to reform. I will have them gladly sweeping the streets and cleaning the toilets, and singing and whistling as they carry out their newly edifying work.

    Sorry, this is a bit of a rant. But we do need to have genuine public services serving the community, not a police force ‘sworn to the queen’, FFS, etc, etc. We deserve better than the crumbs from the tables of the rich.

    One final thought – it is the National Debt on the one hand but Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise on the other hand. The clue is in the name.


  3. When you talk of “shadowy ones” my immediate thought was of the Bilderberg Group – “Historically, attendee lists have been weighted towards bankers, politicians, and directors of large businesses.” –
    It’s a secret organisation where the identity of the the participants are not revealed, nor any policy statements are issued (and that’s just from their official site!). There are lots of conspiracy theories surrounding this non-elected, un-democratic bunch of kleptos, but they do have strange ceremonies reminiscent of masonic rites, make global reaching decisions and are connected to the New World Order,
    I’m sure it’s this lot who are behind the ‘deficit’ and the ‘austerity’ measures meant to deal with this invented issue. So how about Bilderbergers? (Bilderbuggers? BBs?)


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