The BBs

A record, slept for three solid hours. This allowed me to have my first REM sleep (apparently REM sleep doesn’t start until you’ve already been asleep for two hours) in ages. This would explain the weird dream I had in which I lost my religion, especially weird as I’m an atheist (just for you Mike).

Notice none of you writers who read my blog offered up any advice about coping with writer’s block or my fatigued state, don’t like the competition eh? Anyway I’ve sorted it and have given a recent graduate a 3 month internship.

Sleeping is improving, so hopefully my cognitive and mental functioning will also improve, I hope so as I’ve been worrying lately about some sort of mental regression; imagine, with such consequences as voting UKIP, reading the mail and supporting chelski it just doesn’t bear cogitating over.

Pain levels seem to be subsiding and I’m thinking about cooking which is subtly different to obsessing about food and eating.

Went for a little walk on the seafront with Kate yesterday and it really is hard work for me now, think it will be a long haul getting my fitness and strength back. It was a lovely sunny day and we were enjoying just sitting in the sunshine when Kate remembered I have to protect my neck from the sun. My neck doesn’t seem too damaged, my unction may well have worked so I’ll resume the business enterprise under guru Martin early in the new year.

Twat of the day,and there are a few contenders, is Alun Jones a private school head teacher. He claims Labour are returning to “70s class war” with their proposals to limit tax breaks for private education. No mate, you and your lot have been guilty of perpetrating class war since well before the 70s and increasingly so since then. This is the thrust of his argument: “the capacity to buy an expensive home near an excellent school represented greater privilege than a decision to make “huge sacrifices” to pay for private education.” Whichever way you cut this argument Mr Jones, offspring only get into the schools, whether ‘top state’ schools or private, if parents have the money. And to try and mitigate the argument with the emotive “huge sacrifices” merely confirms how removed Mr Jones is from the lives of so many of his countrymen and women. For fucks sake Labour give the privileged cage a little shake and look at the response. And as ever it’s the ‘elite’ who cry foul claiming it’s class war. Yes it is class war, you started it and I hope we’ll finish it.

Worrying trend in education which has been going on for over 30 years now is GERM, Global Education Reform Movement, to which I was only alerted to today (have I been so blinkered?).  For those of you who’ve been paying any sort of attention to changes in education in this country this will not be a shock but all the pieces are now pretty much in place:

  1. a common, centralised curriculum, standardization of educational content
  2. focus on ‘core’ subjects, to detriment of the arts, PE etc
  3. low-risk ways of reaching ‘educational goals’, so have limited pedagogical styles, no room or time for any possible alternatives
  4. use of corporate management models to run schools, manage teachers
  5. test-based accountability policies

So as schools have been cut adrift more and more from each other, that’s what the free school and academisation have been all about, they rely more on curricula, teaching resources and testing supplied by private companies. The corporatisation of education is almost complete, to read more:    Very sad days for an old teacher, we won’t be needed soon anyway, just plonk the students in front of a computer.

Thanks David and Den with comments on the shadowy ones, the really nasty ‘masters of the universe’, who lurk behind all that is wrong with our current world. Love your ranting David and yes I agree any effective change will only come through direct action of us the people. As regard to naming the shadowy ones, like your suggestion Den from the Bilderburg Group, through bilderbuggers to the BBs, so unless anything else develops the shadowy ones will be the BBs. Whilst reading about a book called ‘The True Story of the Bilderburg Group and What They May be Planning Now’ by Daniel Estulin, picked up the following from noted Australian academic and activist Alex Carey (1922 – 1988)  ‘the three most important 20th century developments – “The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.”’ Adam Curtis provides interesting takes on this in his various documentaries (Charlie Brooker used some of his latest in last night’s Screenwipe 2014). And now I realise I’m beginning to delve into areas that a foreshortened blog will never do justice, well have you watched any of Adam Curtis’s documentaries?

Manifesto 51:

  • let’s really bring on class warfare and target the biggest perpetrators of the class war who are, of course, the kleptos, the big landowners, corporations, the aristocracy, any who consider themselves part of the elite and Jose Mourinho.

Keep on keeping on, love Duncan


2 thoughts on “The BBs

  1. Am pleased you’re getting more sleep and less pain. Hopefully, you’ve been thru the worst and the only way is up.
    The day your proclivities are inclined towards Nigel, Jose and the Mail is the day the Big Chief hurls the water fountain thru the window and let’s all the inmates out (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest).
    Anyway, here’s to a very happy new year,
    Keep on keeping on ….
    Mike & Sal & all at Hector’s House


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